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Psychedelic Experiences From Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frankmilton, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. if you have experienced any psychedelic effect from smoking weed, please share.
    mine was a couple or three years ago.
    i took a couple of REALLY big bong hits and when i sat down and looked at my closet,
    which was open, it looked as if my clothes on hangers were waving.

  2. A few months ago.

    I took GIANT bong rips with my fiancé.

    I turned into a tree. I had roots, branches and leaves. My leaves were swaying in the breeze and my roots were planting me to the ground :)

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  3. a couple of weeks ago i took 4 BIG hits from my gravity after a 4 month T-break and i was trippin balls bro i was floating and it was awsome had some Marley playin spacin out  :smoking:
  4. uhhhhh huh, sure you were dude, no need to blatantly lie.
  5. I took a milky bong hit of the best shit I ever smoked. Everything was moving left and right very fast, I honestly wonder if it was laced, there were so many cloudy trichomes that it looked like someone sprinkled sugar all over it (the nug). I believe that it was widow or some other white strain, im guessing widow based on that being the most common potent strain in my area.
  6. Nah, I'm not a liar. The moment was short lived, however for a minute I thought it was true. It was interrupted by my love when it was time to get back inside.

    You're not going to sit there and tell me what did or did not happen AND call me a liar. Lol gtfo

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    I heard colors, or was high enough to think that I heard them, after smoking a few bowls of some sour d.

    I also saw patterns and designs a few times as well

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  8. I'm not saying you didn't have a psychedelic experience. I'm saying there is no way that smoking weed would ever make you see yourself as something else, seeing something that isn't there won't happen with weed man, it's a cool story and all but you're obviously exaggerating since that would not occur. I could see it happening while on something else, but never with weed.
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    Well weed is a psychedelic. Ask the United States government. :p

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  10. I cooked a gram+ of bho into 3 cupcakes and ate them all at once after a 2 day break. I was in and out of a dreamlike world for 6 hours. When I would come out of dream world I would look around my room and see shadow people moving around outside my bed looking at me.
  11. I was listening to some Stoned Jesus with a few friends and I went on a trip that lasted hours

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  12. why even bother writing fictional stories like that, who could you possibly trying to impress lol
  13. Ive gotten so high before that I saw letters and numbers in front of me. This has happened about three times. One was during a hash high.
  15. I've never had a psych experience with weed, yeah I've had glimpses of what psychedelics bring for sure with some crazy sativa highs paired with a low tolerance, but nothing too deep. Weed and psychs are different animals.
  16. p sure he was being sarcastic
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    I really honestly wanted to respond to this thread as a troll or just be a dick BUT. I have always stood by the fact that I have had more psychedelic experiences from cannabis than I had from  certain types of Fungus. sounds stupid when I say it but I have got so stoned before that I had people talking in the back of my head. iv never hallucinated visually but I have had color spots, moving objects and geometric shapes of "light" appear. This was of course all when I was young and inexperienced with the herb. easy way of explaining it would be like seeing tracers and watching the grass grow. has anyone ever felt there hair grow before? I could feel and hear it and it was freaking me out lol.
    \nI also have a history of mental illness so who knows right?

  18. Ever since I've started smoking the heavenly herb I've had (what I would call) closed eye visuals. Very few times, usually late at night in my un-lit room I would look at my computer screen and noticed open eye visuals surrounding the bright screen
  19. The time I had the people talking in the back of my head was really strange. I was about 13 at the time and a guy from school told me and my friends he would sell a dime bag if we went over to his house. well we went over against my better judgment and it was a pretty dismal place. The dad of this kid was known to have Violent out bursts and was a pretty unstable guy. He was in and out of jail weekly. The mother was a prostitute but I didn't find this out till later. I always remember the kid coming to school beat to shit. always had black eyes and fat lips. always wore raggedy ass clothing and was also known to be pretty damn unstable.  Thinking back on it the dad used his kids to sell weed to kids. was a pretty hopeless situation to say the least.
         Well when we got there the dad pulled out a little bit of weed and asked me to roll a joint. asked for the money and kept asking me questions. after I had rolled the J I lite it up and I remember him asking what we were doing at his house. to which I responded we needed a bag of weed and the guy had said he would sell us one. The dad started going off and raising his voice about how he used to sell unmentionables to his brother and when his bro came in and said He "needed" XYZ that they got into a fist fight and went to jail.
         At this time I was having a outer body experience. I could see my self sitting and talking to this man with my 2 friends next to me, the guy who said he would sell us the weed across with his sister and the dad on the other side. I could feel a halo of words circling my head. I could hear people mumbling inside but in the very back of my head.  I couldn't see the faces of anyone in the room. I could only see the body's and heads. kind of like a head with no face.  This made it weird to watch my self talking to these people because I couldn't understand how I knew what to say if I couldn't see the expressions they were making. I also remember twitching uncontrollably. like I had electricity running through my body, my arms and legs were everywhere.
         Finally the dad said we should go but when I asked for the weed we paid for he said that we smoked it. I was to fucked up to care and decided to cut my loses and get the fuck out. Looking back on it now I really probably was drugged with some random shit. that was the most intense high I ever felt but it was just some nasty Mexican brick weed. I remember my friends commenting on how "weird" they felt while we were getting into the car. the rest of the night was pretty much a black out.
  20. Oh man, love these.

    Okay first few times I smoked everything felt like it was a video game. My imagination ran with that and it felt like child hood only better.

    Other time was when I had taken a 2 month t break and smoked a cross of blue dream with 2 other crazy ass strains in my friends bong. Ripped the bowl, did that thigh where you get so high you party foul and cough through the tube and water pushes the down stem out and the bowl gets wet.

    Walked to a 7-11 in slow motion, I felt like I was gliding. My lower body didn't exist. Also nearly ripped the doors from the fridge trying to get a coke. Lol almost walked out thinking shit I broke this. And I'm baked.

    Ground felt like it was moving slight texture movement but nothing close to other real unmentionable psychedelics.

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