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    Drugs are dangerous and illegal. I do not condone or use them.
  2. 1- when you put your seed in the soil, the soil needs to be pre-moistened. (Not drenched) When you put the seed in, don't pack dirt on top of it, it will make it hard to push through. When watering that seedling, star by only watering around the stem with 1cup to 2 cups of water every couple days. You'll notice when it will start needing more water.
    You'll be ok without the exhaust for now as long as it's not too hot. The other fan is for air circulation, which cuts down on mold and mildew and also promotes strong stems and branches to hold the weight of future buds.
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    Drugs are dangerous and illegal. I do not condone or use them.
  4. when i do a seed i put the seed in the soil i then get a mist sprayer and spray the top of the soil with it.. once it pops i would start with about 20 ml of water ... in a small first pot.. canna is bad soil in my opinion has no perlite and terrible for drainage.. so get some perlite in there. also the mister helps the new plant shed its cap and skin around the cotlydons.. good luck
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    Drugs are dangerous and illegal.
  6. Absolutely......that's what I do
  7. 1. Water slowly until you get water draining from the bottom of the pot. This will ensure that all of the soil in the pot is moist. You dont want dry spots, plus it helps to flush the soil.

    2. As mentioned, water and then place your seed in the soil. Water the same way you would every time, to runoff making sure the entire pot of soil is moist. Never just use enough to get the top wet. Doing so causes the roots to only grow in the top of the pot. When you water completely, the top of the soil will dry first. Roots will seek out the moisture in the bottom of the pot and grow to reach those areas, forming a more robust root system.

    3. A few days without an exhaust fan is fine. Seedlings dont use much co2.

    4. The two types of fans serve difderent purposes. An exhaust fan is used to remove heat, and exhange air ensuring plenty of co2 and oxygen. A regular fan in a grow can also help with heat some, but the primary benefits are that the moving air will help to develop stronger plants, fight mold, and help the soil in your pots dry quicker. If possible, have both an exhaust fan and a regular, preferably ocilating, fan to move around air within the grow area.
  8. really ? lol i use biobizz light mix but the shop had non.. bought a bag of canna and it was useless with no perlite. strange, sorry i missed the auto flower part
  9. When it's a seedling you don't want to water the WHOLE pot. The roots have not filled out enough to use it therefor the bottom of the pot will stay really wet as the top dries, then you water again because you think it's ready and dry enough and now you've over watered.... Untill it's about 2 and half to 3 weeks old, I would not water the whole pot...
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  10. as i knew.. canna pro soil has no perlite in it ! it is not a good soil tbh and biobizz far supersedes .. you need to add extra aeration as i had issues when i used it! if your soil has perlite then your not using
    Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix
    and again use a water spray bottle.

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    Cannabis is dangerous and illegal. I do not condone it, nor have I ever used it. All my previous posts were on behalf of a friend. Their complete setup burnt down shortly after posting, before anything could grow, due to an electrical fault. Any trace of what was has been expunged. They will never attempt this again.

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