PS4 or XBO

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by aceburn, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I can't believe nobody asked this yet. So.. Playstation 4 or Xbox One?I'll start - PS4 since I own one. -.-' Add me if you like - EmTheDonSent from a potato.
  2. ps4 anyone wanna battle add me joojooshrimp

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  3. Ps4 , also since I own one , and backwards compatible !
  4. waait, i was under the impression that neither consoles would be backwards compatible... i end up shelling out the dough for a ps4 sooner than i thought then.

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  5. We'll you can download the older ps3 games
  6. Or so I thought.... Lol a gamestop employee told me that shit
  7. Ps4 but i only have 2k14 
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  9. ps4!!! id say add me but I forgot my username haha Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. you will be able to play older playstation 1 and 2 games through their gaikai service when it launches.. not sure about ps3 though.
    PS4, no question.
  11. PS4 Gran Turismo 6! That game is too dope.
  12. PS4 because of this game: 
  13. PS4...don't get boned
  14. PS4 is the winner. Just about every target I've walked into has quite a few xbox ones in stock, none of which have any ps4's. The consumers have spoken. 
  15. i picked up both kinda like the xbox one better though probably just because all my buddies got the xbox one so it feels like i have more fun when im play it over the ps4
  16. I guess im the only one here but if we are talking about a which console is better than the other and not which console is most popular I would have to say that the Xbox One is better based on the fact that is an all in one console... 
    Before I go any further I should clear things up a little, I own both consoles! I have no bias opinions of either..
    I just cam to this decision considering my TV, Netflix, Twitch, Skype and Xbox games are all on one system that I can easily navigate through using the voice controls...
    If the question was which is the system with the best specs to run next gen games I could without a doubt answer PS4... But then again if I was going for the best specs I would be better off with a PC..
    PS4 does all those things too, if I wanted voice controls I'd get a wife :ey:
  18. you cant connect your TV modem into your PS4... & like I said I own both and Im giving my opinion that the Xbox One is better for using those apps.. & about the wife umm okay?
    The fact you dont care about the voice controls just tells me you don't really care for a next gen console.. Just something new and shiny to buy..
  19. voice controls are not "the next gen"  they are just a bothersome feature
    I dont need to have a tv plugged into a console lol.. its already plugged into the tv, ill just hit the source button
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future ms charged you to watch tv along with all it's apps and everyone would gladly pay for it. 

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