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Ps4 and xbox one will only work on HD TVs

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Marijuana Malice, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Found this kinda interesting, for those of you with the classics its time for you to upgrade http://www.psu.com/a019765/PS4-supports-HDMI-only-doesnt-work-on-non-HD-TVs

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  2. Besides...you won't get the intended experience if you don't play it on HDTV

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  3. There'll be a lot of unhappy motherfuckers out there that wont find this out till after they pay 500 bucks lol

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  4. lol who doesn't have a hd tv that plays xbox 360 or ps3 these days?
  5. No shit! I'd spend for a TV first, then a game.
  6. You'd be surprised

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  7. Some games now a days you almost need to have the clarity of HD.... I borrowed my friends PS3 last week to play Heavy Rain and she forgot the HDMI so I'm using the standard 480p on my 50" sony. I'm having a hard time reading alot of the options... bummer. Given my recent experience I figured they would phase out the standard connections for the new console because they seem pointless. 
  8. Most people have one now a days but I won't be spending my 600$ on that lump of shit. Why buy a new console when my 360 works perfect.. Plus xbox one spies on you
  9. Doesn't bother me. I don't see the point in advanced graphics if you don't have a great tv/monitor to show them.
  10. Its been time to upgrade to HD for many years now, not sure how people can still use the old boob tubes hurts my eyes.
    Doubt anyone would buy a PS4 and not have an HDTV.
  11. Because its a next gen console, new features and games etc. Thats like saying "yea the iPhone 5s is out but I have my iPhone first gen works fine" lol. But then again I cant speak for Xbox im mostly talking about the difference from ps3-ps4

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  12. Yeah but these new games out aren't appealing to me. Plus if I had a choice I would choose a ps4, Xbox has failed me when I heard you don't own your games and you can't lend them out. Oh and it has a camera with audio that can never be turned off.
  13. Yea I've heard some things about the xbox and sounds like Microsoft fucked themselves over. As for the camera thing, that is pretty stupid what was microsoft thinking lol. But I am definitely going with the PS4.

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  14. They signed a contract with the NSA, as crazy as that sounds.
    Totally just made my decision for me. I was torn until I read this.
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    You still living in June 2013? Neither of those are true anymore.
  17. No sir I am not, although they changed a few things the games still are not yours and they can still spy on you. You still living in doucheland?
  18. I'm starting to think I'm the only person without a smart phone, HDTV, and more than 60ish channels. 
  19. Your not trust me, I just upgraded to my 32 inch no longer than 2 months ago

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