PS3 vs Xbox360?

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  1. Wellllll. My ps3 just broke, and I was wondering, should I buy another ps3, or switch sides?
    Anybody have both? Which do you prefer?
    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Define broke? Is it not turning on? Does it shutdown for no reason?

    Get a pc. PS3 is outdated as well as xbox360.
    Microsoft is working on the new xbox3, might released next fall.
    Sony is working on the new PS4, might release next fall or 2013.
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    oh this again =D

    Well, you already have PS3 game and you probably have things like extra controllers.. So it would make the most sense to go with another PS3. But if you didn't enjoy your experience with it or thought it wasn't worth the money, go with Xbox. No point in making the same mistake twice I guess. But unless that's the case, get the PS3.

    Personally I like Xbox better though. If you choose to go with one of those you wont be disappointed

    Haha a PC would be somewhat outdated by those times too. But do you have any links that suggest those as release times? I know they're developing new consoles, but I highly doubt they'll release that soon. Hell, I remember both companies saying they planned on waiting longer than that.
  4. It's fried. Trust me. :eek:
  5. Well, I live with my brother, who wants an xbox. and plus, I was just wanting to know if xbox is everything its cracked up to be: ie, faster/better connections, better players, better games, etc. :p
  6. I'm jamming to your music right now, btw. Trippy shit. :hello:
  7. Get another PS3 brother dawg!
  8. Xbox faster? No...the ps3 is definitely the elite machine out of the two. And how are they outdated? No machine has come out to outdated them??? If anything PC's outdate at a stupid rate.
  9. In my opinion it definitely is.

    The games are about the same and I think we'll see less and less console exclusive games in the future.. but games FEEL smoother on Xbox in my opinion. It might have something to do with a lot of games being developed for Xbox and then ported over to other consoles if that's the right way to describe it. I've played both systems extensively and like both of them a lot, but I feel like the 360 is smoother 9/10 the time.

    It has less connection issues too.. But I guess it's a fair tradeoff since you have to pay for it. And as for better players.. I dunno, I've heard that a lot and I've met a lot of really good players on Xbox. I remember I used to get fucked up more often on XBL and then on PS3 I ran shit more often in a handful of games.. but nowadays it's not like that and the two seem pretty even. I guess it depends on the game... maybe? Because when I was doing better on PS3 than 360 it was on less popular games. I usually only play the more popular games online now and those at least seem pretty even
  10. I had both at one time, only played my ps3 though. Fuck paying for online play, I already have to pay an internet provider.
  11. I prefer the games and controllers and console design for 360, plus the online is much more competitive. But I like the free online and blu-ray on the ps3
  12. I have both. 360 and XBL are much better than PS3 and PSN.

    XBL is worth the money because your card info doesnt get stolen, they combat cheaters better, and it doesnt go down all the time like PSN does.
  13. Ugh I go to reply but it's a lost cause....
  14. Pc is the best. If you want to stay console, it depends on what you're into. Multiplayer and Xbox exclusives = 360. Singleplayer and ps exclusives = ps3.
    xbl is in no way expensive, and the cost is nothing to complain about.
    But for upgradeability and performance, pc is the best.
  15. the only reason id buy an xbox would be for gears. i like my ps3 because its free to play online and i like the overall layout of the machine. blu ray is nice too if you have an hd tv.

  16. ya the xbox is working on a 3rd but im sure they said it would be at E3 and it might be a working model. might. that E3 2013.
  17. They've discussed revealing certain features but I don't think the entire system will be shown at E3. Various statements from Microsoft point at 2015 actually.. Most specifically when they said they were planning a 10 year life span of the system. Although THAT could mean a few things. Time will tell I guess.

    Haha I don't care when it's initially released because I wont be able to care. I already know it's gonna be like $600 or so on release so I'll have to wait until it drops in price. I wont pay more than $300 unless I'm making decent money by that time.
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    Sadly, yours isn't mine.
    But it's alot fucking alike. xD
  19. I used to have both.. I never played the Xbox though except for two games: Geometry Wars and Trials HD. I only bought it for the in-game music honestly, but overall it was a waste of money, but it basically just depends on what games you prefer imo.. Playstation definitely has the better choice of exclusives imo, but Xbox has better independent titles in the store.

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