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PlayStation Ps3 Owners Whats Your Psn Id?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Just wondering who has a PS3 here and goes Online & what your PSN ID? Trying to add friends to my buddy. :smoking:

  2. usually playing COD4, Domination or groundwar
    name is:[GC]toker1221
  3. I am always on CoD World at War

    ID name guessed it...


    edit: damn so many cod games out :[
  4. PSN: ATXsouljah

    I play SOCOM us navy seals 90% of the time
  5. Mattt93

    usually Skate 2 or Fallout 3 offline :O
  6. jcbball717

    playin COD5.. only domination

    anyone wanna join clan?
  7. Add me bro, My gamertag is Pookenheimer

    My skills fluctuate. :smoking:

  8. wait do u have ps3? im playing ps3
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    Mine is iluvwhitecastle
    I mostly play COD world at war. Only Hardcore, no core for me at all

  10. Add me kota500

    only games i have are killzone2 and mgs4. Looking forward to god of war, red faction, tekken 6, max payne 3.

    im always down for some killzone2 though. I do work.

    send me a friend req
  12. WherezMyLighter

    Just like that, get at me. KZ2/CoD5
  13. I am pretty sure mine is Maxxpowers. Its been a while but I am always down for some warhawk!
  14. PSN:ttamayo yeah i know gay but i have all my shit on there already
  15. rcghl2000
  16. Pyro612

    hit me up i play cod4 all the time anybody got a clan?
  17. Don't worry WaW is my vice too.

    Darienwavedash on psn
  18. My PSN is:



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