Ps3 online need homies!!!

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  1. add me "Ur2ez2k8". I get down in MortalvsDC ps ill pwon anyone in that game :), Gta4, Res2, and Cod4. the most I have other games/blue tooth though add me up GC...
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    add me, my name is BlazeYaPhatHomie

    GTA4, COD4, COD5, NFS Undercover
  3. PSN: fat_batman

    play cod4, r2
  4. my psn is zobane ill add you
    i play R2, skate 2, cod4 and waw, and SF4
  5. psn-RedRida5
    playin cod4,cod5,gta5,
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    i play madden 09, GTAIV, LBP, mk v.s. d.c universe, skate,

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