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  1. hey everyone I wondering if someone could tell me by looking at the photo's if I should start pruning and what should I cut?

    the other thing was is it big enough to start training it to fill out the whole grow area and should i just do this by bending it?

    Thanks for any help!

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  2. cut the top (and you will also have a klon)

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  3. What strain is that? It looks great!
  4. ummm bro 2 be honest i aint sure i know it is mostly if not all indica im guessin by the way it looks......i just found the seed in some weed i was smokin which was decent weed......and im only growing it under normal house light fluro's....but i hooked myself with a 400 watt HPS and am just finishing my grow box so im hoping she will grow into a big GIRL!!!!

    do you know of any good strains im thinking bout purchasing some seeds


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