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  1. OK-guy's, can anyone help me out with pruning? What are some good references? If I trim her up the buds will be bigger? And will the quantity suffer? When is the best time or times to prune? The strain is blueberry she has been on 12/12 for about 5 weeks now but her kids have just flipped, my light is 1000 w HPS in a room aprox. 5x4, also how high above my plants do I want this light?

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  2. and another

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  3. one more

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  4. Damn man that looks good. Go to search at the top there and type in pruning OR go here and search for pruning.
    (would give you a more direct link but they seem to be having troubles with the site right now)

    Ima rookie myself, wish i could help more, good luck and happy smokin'
    keep us updated on the pics too, tasty:)
  5. they look fine to me.... or if any of those big fan leaves are majorly blocking light from a lower bud i'd trim it back... but try not to take too many off though...
  6. Your plant looks great! Rather than cutting any leaves off, try bending them back out of the way. The leaves are like solar panels. When you cut them off you reduce the energy they have to put into bud growth. Also, your plant will feed off the nutrients in the leaves toward the end of flowering and some of them will drop anyway. It's up to you but I like to think that the plant knows best when it no longer needs them.:)
  7. i wouldn't prune anything... just keep it flowering... and as mentioned above tie the fan leaves so the lower budsites get sufficient light... btw, nice looking plant

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