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  1. Now I was woundering can I get my plant to look like this. It is one of those little indoor Japanese plants.

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  2. It's very cute but that's a bonsai. Special art of making a miniature tree out of one thats meant to be large. But marijuana is an annual - meaning it completes its entire cyle in one season. I don't think it's possible...
  3. In regards to pruning, what specifically are you trimming? Never done it before. I know not to touch the buddies, obviously, but do you trim the little leaf tips that stick out of them or just let 'em dry and curl up? Mine are covered with trychs so I dunno.
  4. yeup thats possible ill find the thread later but you put it in a small pot cut the roots everyonce in a while and just prune. and you have to keep it on 18 6 or 24 hours of light so it doesnt start flowering.
    if you want a plant like you cant put it thru flowering. so you could keep this plant as a mother and take clones
  5. Its quite easy to do that to a pot plant, with alot less time then it akes the bonsai. Most growers have several plants that look like that and are used for a sog or scrog. You would very easily and fastly might i add be able to make your plants look like this by first toppoing or FIMing it a few times, the training the new branches down like you would any plant.

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