Pruning roots?

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  1. I started seeds about 3 weeks ago expecting to put them outdoors at the end of this month, thing is the pots i have them in are already busting out with roots. I had them in a tray next to a few clones so the roots seemed to have stretched into the water. they all have about a foot of roots hanging from the drainage holes...

    Should i prune the roots? Id transplant if I could but theyre going to an outdoor plot in a few weeks and that would make transportation impossible. Since the roots are coming out the drainage holes im guessing even if i did transplant id damage the roots what can i do?
  2. anyone?

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  3. I've cut them off with no prob.. I did the day I transplanted.. I would leave it be until the day of trans.. Use a clean razor and sheer off.. Clean cuts done properly won't stunt roots..
  4. thx for the input. hope it doesnt stunt them too much.

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