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  1. Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, I looked and searched, but came up with nothing.

    I need to know if pruning, or "topping" the plant will harm them? As it stands, I have plants that have buds growing, the upper most portion is almost ready for harvest. I would like to have these plants continue to grow the lower buds.

    It may be normal for others to do this, but I am a complete noob.

    Will topping the plants when ready, harm the lower buds?

    I have 4 female plants that remain, of the 15 I started, on those 4 plants there are over 75 buds, the plants are about 36 inches tall, grown in a closet, with 8 flouresent 150 watt bulbs, no fan, no venting, nothing special. I know, your asking, what the hell is he doing? I am slowly adding what I need to the space, but this works for now.

    Anyway, will this be good or bad for the plants?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I know there are others on GC with a lot more experience at topping than myself, but I did it a few times and ended up with 2 fairly good sized kolas at the top of one plant in this instance. And the plant I didn't top had only a slight more weight than the plant I topped with 2 buds. To me, the few times I have topped I really didn't see more in terms of quanity nor quality. Plants can be pruned to allow more exposure to their lower half therefore helping to grow more buds. This is seen easily in plants that have been tied over or trimmed to only allow those arms with bud to get maximum exposure to the light. Just FYI for what it's worth.

  3. Yes you can chop the top colas and let the bottoms develope more. Many growers do this. I personally don't because I get good penetration with my light and all the buds are about the same come harvest time.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses, much appreciated.

    O.K. so I could clip it now, I dont need to, but.....

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I decided to clip one top from one plant, and see what happens. The one I clipped, has close to 35, 1 inch buds under it the bud I snipped was about 4 inches. I will look for these to mature a bit more, and also to see if it does anything strange.

    The tough part for me, is looking at the buds, to see subtle color changes, my vision is not so good, hence the herb.

  5. Howdy,
    So far the plant I topped looks fine, after reading more and more on the site, I see that the remaining plants are close to harvest. Thanks again for the help.

    I started reading about flavoring and aroma, that looks like somethong I will try, I do have an idea, but not sure how to proceed. I would like to know how if there is any advantage to composting the clipped leaves and stems, as anyone done this and what were the effects on the plants.

    Also, I know that adding coffee grounds to my outdoor compost is good for other plants outdoors, has anyone added old, dry coffee grounds to there cannabis plants? I would love the coffee flavoring in my plants. I have concerns about mold and other bad things happening.

    Again, thanks for your input, and one hell of a website.
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    I just noticed something on two of my plants, located at 2 of the buds, I see 1 single odd looking thing, it looks like a small sprout or bud thing, its hard to describe. it kind of looks like a large green seed, but not anything that was on any of the male plants, its larger, they both have a well defined point at the tip, and has crystals on it. Sort of a rose before it blooms. One of these are tucked up into a larger bud, if I had to judge the size, I would say its 1/4 inch in diameter and length. Should I be worried, or what?

    I will try to get a pic of it, my phone takes ok pics, but I will use my old ass camera to get one posted.
    Thanks All

    The first two are of the same thing, just diff angles. the last one is just a bud.
    Well, what the bejesus is it???

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  7. Not sure if anyone has seen my update, I posted some pics showing the thing that is growing on my budding plants, again, I have no idea what it is, or if it is something I should snip off the plants.

    Please take a look at the pics, and if anyone can identify what that thing is.

    Thanks a bunch.
  8. looks like a seed pod to me brotha
  9. Is this a hermi? it has decent buds, and I only have one I can see on 2 diff plants. (two Seeds total).
  10. from what i have seen that looks like a seed pod. seedpod + buds = hermie.

    its your call to snip it but i would def get a second opinion. hopefully it wont pollenate the others...:(

    good luck bro
  11. Ya, kinda figured, I was looking over remaing buds this morning, and I do see more of these things.

    I think I will allow these to continue to grow, most buds are decent size and the seeds I can use to start more plants. Since these are for my consumption, it dont matter much to me. I do have a seperate grow area to keep these away from the others.

    On that note, at what point are the seeds a useable seed, if I clip them when the buds are ready, will they, the seeds, be ok to use. how do you keep them from blowing pollen all over? At what point do I snip those?

    Sorry, but I am, as I said, a noob. I will search the site for more on this subject.

    Any help is appreciated.


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  12. not exactly sure about when an all since i am a "noob" you can say too. it depends if the plant is a hermie or a full male plant. you say you have buds and those pics are def pollen sacs then its prolly a hermie. thats sick that you can keep it away from the other plants but is still risky. the pollen sacs should open a good deal before the plant is ready to harvest (again i am not exactly sure). it will then pollenate the buds that you have. make sure that you go to your female plants before you go to this hermie to reduce the risk of pollination because that pollen will be everywhere and you wont even kno. the bud will prolly get pollenated and it will be a normal but cept for tons of seeds. i would play it by ear but the best seeds will be from the buds that get to full develope. dark brown seeds are mature healthy seeds. plant them for the next crop and youre good to go. (its debated whether using hermie 100% sure.)

  13. I don't reccomend topping/pruning during flowering. The plant is producing buds, when you top during this time you're diverting more of the plant's energy and resources to vegetative growth of new stems/branches/leaves, rather than focusing on buds. It is wise to top/fim during the vegetative growth phase of the plant's life if you are going to do it at all.

    My mere speculation is that your lighting schedule or topping has caused the plant to go hermie. Once the pod is identified cut it off, if more pod sites are produced well it is your decision to keep it.
  14. Hello,
    I did do some topping of buds, if they were ready to be clipped I snipped them. I found that growth stops at some point, the buds were clipped as they aged, but none of the remaining buds are getting bigger. However, there is no new vegie growth either.

    I should mention that after the buds reached a 1/4 to 1/2 inch I moved the plants to a 12/12 red spectrum lamps. As my grow area is split into two rooms.

    The reason for topping the colas was that they were ready to harvest, topping when veging is not what was needed.

    You mention that the lighting or topping may have caused the pods, as for the topping, it was not done until after the pods showed up, and when I clipped buds from the stem, those were removed at that point.

    How does the light cycle effect the the growth to hermie? the lighting is on a 12/12 cycle. I grew this batch without good ventilation, and the area was not temperature controled. (it is now)
  15. Was this a bag seed grow? Lots of bag seeds will be hermies. Definatly looks like one to me man. Light leaks during the dark cycle can also cause hermies. The space needs to be pitch black. Even a few minutes of light in the middle of the night can fuck them up.
  16. They were bag seed, from decent stuff. I have yet to take the leap into buying seed.
    It may be. as you said, a bit of light leaking into the room. I have sealed it better for the next grow.
  17. Well, I have something odd going on, I had buds drying out, thought they were dry, placed them into the jars, put some in the freezer, some in a cupboard, I have burped the jars daily. I dated the jars so I new what was what. I opened up the oldest dated jar, for "sampling" its contents. The "skunk" smell is gone, its kind of harsh, and the buzz is not that great.

    I moved all jars to the freezer, the cupboard was too warm, not sure if this is the problem or what, maybe I dried them too much, maybe the freezer is too cold.

    Anyone have an idea of what I did wrong?
    Please help,


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