Prune or Not to Prune

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  1. I have two plants, one is short 10 inches, bushy lots of small long leaves. and the other is tall about 18 inches, lankey with lots of big leaves, massive at 3 weeks, BUT, it has growth on every stem. Both plants are the same age, and are two different strains. Unfortunately, I only have one light (A grow Light) , so the big one hogs the light. also, I have no room to replant if i top the Big sweet plant. I've decided to just let it go, and see what happens. I tie the big one to the side for a couple hours a day to get more light to the smaller, bushier plant. Wish I had more light , but resouses can some times be rather slim for the time being. I had to put both plants in a 5 gallan pot because of the light situation and lack of space. Maybe someone knows some time saving tips that I might take to ensure a nice grow? I'm not looking for a major harvest, I would just like to grow some kick ass bud. I have read that sometimes it is good to prune and other times it is not neccessary. Both plants are growing like wildfire, so I am sort of lost as to what to do with them. should I prune them or not?
  2. I've heard that if you don't prune them, the thc and nutrients are better at the tops, and you can get bigger sweeter buds Thanks you convinced me to just let them go.

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  3. high!
    Can you find room in your setup for a compact fluorescent twist or two? I use them between and under plants where the light is not penetrating. Their ballast is built in, and they screw into regular drop light or clamp on fixtures. Also, if you put reflectors beneath the plants, this will help alot. I use white styro saucers for vegging, and red for flowering.
    My set up is tiny, with only 4 fourweek old plant from seed Mota20 (really miss you, Larry!) sent me long ago, when I was a raw newbie. My main advantage is the sunlight I can access during the best part of the day, due to growing beneath a southfacing upperstorey window. The grow is closely surrounded by a white cardboard wall with partial hood that helps with reflective properties. For vegging, I burn the lights up to 2 hours before dawn, and 4-6 ours after dark. Depends on the time of year, but my aim is to have 16-18 hours of light. I turn them off for 6-8 hours of midday. For flowering, I set them to give 10-11 hours of light, such as now, when they come on at 7am and go off at 10am, on at 4pm, off at 6pm.
    Good luck, have fun, grow goodies!
  4. sounds like you have a much better setup than I do. I am growing in my drum room an my kit and equipment take up too much room for me to expand. The p;ants seem to be doing really well so far. that big one has leaves as big as my hand. amazing. as for the small one. I have been using a florecent light on it since I posted. it is growing much better. I can't believe how busy it is a 4 weeks. but is is very short and the stem is small. I have been using some red light to try to encourage more stem growth, we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted. (if you're interested) Thanks for the reply

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  5. High somemore! My younguns are in an 8 gallon tub of coir and clay pellets on a dolley. There is no drainage, but I have several bubbler bars at the bottom, which I run when I first water, until my manual moisture meter tells me the danger of standing water is past. I water through a pipe that goes all the way to the bottom. I fert through it as well. I use 'organics' especially my homemade worm caastings, and kelp juice for the exotic traces. I always enjoy other's accounts of setups and adventures. Some have given me great ideas to go by, and I'v met some good friends here and there...
    All we need is peace love and respect
  6. l thought l knew ya ,lol.
  7. High Critter, that weird setup worked okay, but didn't address the issue of salt buildup. I thought by using filtered water, and the barest minimum of organic ferts, and the natural low pH of coir, it wouldn't BE an issue. Oh well, live and learn...
    I've always been into exotic ideas, coupled with the conviction that recycling is a great way to do my part.
    Right now I'm working on a way to build my planting medium right in the future growth container. I've taken a washing machine tub, wicked the bottom holes with mop string and lined it with an old, old sheet. Then I harvested some of my biggest worms, and cleaned them out with fresh water. I put them in the tub and covered them with a 4" layer of my potting mix. Then I gave the whole surface a covering of cottonseed meal and another inch of mix. I also feed them fish emmulsion, and all my apple cores and celery stumps. I'll let you know how it girl
  8. so both the plants are in the same pot? if so that sucks, but i guess will do. I don't like to trim my plants any, i think just tieing the tall one over will be fine, thats what i do when i have one taller than the rest.

    earth girl, thats some pretty cool ideas. I'm into exotic ideas, i dont like doing what everyone else does. When i get into a place of my own again i'm going to mess around and find the perfect setup for me.

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