proximity of CFLs...... fire hazard?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by doyoulikegreen, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone...

    Quick question. I know CFLs are obviously cooler than HIDs.... But how closely can you get them next to one another safely?

    I couldn't seem to find this information.

    I'm concerned about

    a) CFLs touching eachother
    b) CFL touching mylar (or space warming blanket)

    whats the word?
  2. i wouldnt have 2 bulbs touching each other but cfls are pretty safe dude.

    I know in my country the fire brigade are promoting there use more then normal bulbs.

    Just dont have them too close to things and no more then 4 inches away from your plant and no closer then a inch otherwise you are going to burn bits of your plant
  3. You can touch CFLs without getting burned where as some normal lights will instantly singe you. I've been keeping mine around an inch from my plants with no problems.
  4. 1 inch is ok

    cfls touching leaves etc = bad
  5. I should have mentioned I am using 42 watt bulbs. They do seem hot to the touch... :cool:

    None of the bulbs are touching one another, but between 2 bulbs, they are close enough that I can't get a finger between them...

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