Province to Province views on MJ

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  1. Alright, I tried looking through the search engine since I thought this would have been asked already, but alas, I found nothing.

    This is for all of you Canadians out there.

    what is the province to province view of the marijuana culture (from the general public's perspective)? I know places like Ontario and British Columbia have pretty much accepted the cannabis culture, but what about other provinces? I'm particularly interested in New Brunswick, since I just transfered to a university out here.

    From the few people I've met (including the landlord.. hehe), it seems as though it isn't as accepted as it is in other places. It seems kind of like the States. I'm probably wrong though, as I haven't delved deeply into the student body culture here yet.

    what about the other provinces? I kind of want to gage how unified or widely different the Canadian population views are, as compared to those we find in the states.

    Thanks for any responses,
  2. If you're going to moncton, it'll probably be pretty chill, but most small towns in the east or in the prairies i'd guess would be pretty strict.
  3. in ontario A LOT of people blaze. and a lot are pretty ok with weed
  4. ontario is pretty lax

    ive still had to donate a grip of glass and bud to the pigs

    its a love hate world with weed here, and it makes public smoking fun imo.. some people look disgusted at the sight of a nice cone but most laugh at stops and shit aha:smoke:

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