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ProTOX supplements before a UA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ONEOFHAM, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I just discovered that I had to give a UA tomorrow, so I went down to the Head Shop and picked up some detox pills. These do not remove the THC from your system, rather they clean out your urinary tract for enough time for you to piss in a cup with clean urin.

    I'm going to tell you throughout the course of the next day exactly what I did with the supplements (I'm not following the instructions on the box, I'm following the ones the salesperson wrote down for me) and if it worked or not, because there is some discrepancy when it comes to if these work or not. I want to set the record straight.

    Uploaded with

    I bought:
    1 ProTOX Extreme Strength Drink
    1 pack of ProTOX detoxification pills (meant to be taken 12-16 hours before drinking the bottle)
    1 new pipe (I figured "what the hell, I'm here")

    The instructions the guy gave me and said would work:
    "Take pills 12-18 hours before drinking bottle.
    Drink supplement 1.5 - 2 hours before UA on an EMPTY STOMACH.
    Wait 20 min. then drink a FULL bottle of water.
    Pee at least 2x prior before UA.

    The supplement only lasts 5 HOURS MAXIMUM!!!!"
    (meaning that you only have clean urine for 5 hours)

    So far I have taken the pills and have been drinking a shitload of cranberry juice, lets see if this works...
  2. Subbed to thread to see if that work, and good luck with your test tomorrow.
  3. thanks man
  4. I drank the bottle this morning, but forgot to wait 20 minutes to drink the water and only waited 10, i don't think its that big a deal though. Im going over to the local courthouse in about an hour to give my UA, I will post the result of the test as soon as I get them, which will most likely be anywhere from the second of April to the eleventh.

    I really hope this works.
  5. Nice post, Let us know the results. :)
  6. leaving to do the piss test now
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  7. Well, I'm back, I'll let you know if it worked as soon as i get the results
  8. I don't know if this is a side effect of the drink or just a coincidence, but I got the MAD runs and nausea...
    sorry for the language friendly post, but I'm fucking happy man.
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  10. Wow this is truly amazing:p I never thought any of these detox or drinking loads of water, etc worked.. but wow! nice
  11. Gratz man. Now you just gotta stay clean.
  12. Awesome! I am so glad that this worked for you.
    I have a UA this morning for a really awesome job. I like, too, got the ProTox extreme and the pills, Exactly what you showed in your pic.
    It was great to hear that this stuff works, but I'm still very nervous. I was given the same instructions as you were, except to eat a meal consisting of oatmeal for breakfast three hours prior to drinking the drink. So, that is what I did.
    I'm drinking the Pro talks right now and hopefully will be taking my UA an hour and a half to two hours. But, I was also told that I have a five hour window, so I'm hoping that if the test is taken in three hours it will be fine also. It probably works best and hour and a half to two hours later.
    I will come back on and post my results as soon as possible get them.
    FYI… I am a very heavy smoker, for the past 18 years. I Abstained from smoking for a little over 48 hours prior to taking this test something like 56 hours, I don't know… but, ONEOFHAM Said he smoked the night before. It's best to abstain for a couple of days I think.
    I will Repost as soon as my test results come in. Fingers crossed!! :)
  13. Stupid Voice to text… You guys know what I'm talking about, I'm sure. LOL
  14. Will the protox detox drink work without the pills cuz I just got the advanced formula drink and I got to go to court tomorrow morning for an epo hearing ande I just want to make sure I can pass a test if they give me one so I can get shared custody of my son so please tell me if this shit works without the pills
  15. Does protox only work for thc? Or does it work for like other toxins too? Like say uhhh idk an opiate? Like uhh heroin? Please let me kno asap. I may have a ua friday! :-(
  16. El oh el.
  17. not allowed to talk about H or any other unmentionables. Google is your friend, my friend.

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  18. stopped my medicine for 48 hrs and followed the Ham's directions to a T except the pills (not needed).  Passed with flying colors.  "May the Ham be with you"
  19. #19 RicShaw, Jul 16, 2015
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    I used ProTox about 5 years ago for a pre-employment UA and was also very happily surprised that it worked flawlessly. I wanted to respond to one of OneofHam's comments about the nausea and "MAD runs". I haven't had the runs at all, but the nausea may be reduced or eliminated by having a packet or two of oatmeal before drinking the ProTox. It states that in the directions on the bottle, but I'm pretty sure the guy at my head shop also said to do that. Ham's instructions are right on also. I'm taking another pre-employment UA this morning (for a job I don't even want, but need!) this morning and drank the ProTox about an hour ago. Heading to the testing facility in about 40 min. I'm only concerned about THC though. I don't play with anything else.
  20. Got word yesterday evening that I passed the UA test. eScreen in Overland Park, KS was the reviewing company, though the collection was done at a local occupational medicine clinic in Lakewood, CO that I selected from a list. I did not take the pills that OneofHam described. I had used those in the past though. Nice to know they are not necessary. I weigh 176lbs, am pretty active, work out 4-6 days a week, 5' 9" and I drank the smaller sized bottle that says it's for "people with average body mass". Thought that may help somebody save a few bucks and know which size to get. Also, I've only smoked small amounts of high potency weed on weekends only for the past 6 weeks or so. Hope this info helps somebody. When I was smoking a lot more regularly, I used the bottle for "large body mass" just to be safe and I passed that test also.

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