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    So this is a build thread for me to keep me occupied.
    I really should blog this; but i figured more people would enjoy this . . .

    1977(?) Puch Maxi
    Picked up last year in May, no title.
    Tank was really rough (rusty & old gelly gas inside) with an air leak along with mismatched carb/intake.


    couple weeks later, added some mods along with a external gas tank.

    Set up as follows

    Stock e50 bottom end
    70cc Version 2 treats kit
    Techno boss (fuego jammercool)
    14mm intake with a 15mm Bing Carb
    Stock Clutch
    Stock Crank
    Stock gearing

    i was hitting around 43 - 44mph (these bikes stock 50cc go from 20 - 30 [depending on the model])

    Later on in the year (around early august) i was involved in a accident (shitty Chicago drivers not paying attention) which resulted in my front fork & bars being bent to shit. ON THE DAY OF THE CHICAGO RALLY AT THAT. So i was super duper pissed. now that i look back; i should have gotten money, or some type of compensation from the lady that hit me.

    So i opted to just change the forks/handle bars, but that never happened. I just moved onto my next project which was my magnum

    fork swap w/ bars (you can see how bent the bars are)

    i said fuck it, magnum time

    I basically threw the engine from the Maxi onto the Magnum (same moped brand Puch (pronounced pook)

    The frame has been sitting ever since; but with the new season already fuking here, it's time for me to get back into the game.
    Remember that bad crusty gelly tank i mentioned above earlier? Well i took care of that today, officially.

    Monday i threw a mix of Salt & distilled white vinegar into the tank. Let it sit for a total of 3 days (today being the 3rd day).

    • Drained the mix

    • Got as much crud out as i could with the hose (started to flash rust)

    • Flushed Threw in a mix of Baking soda + water [mixxed it until the soda wouldn't dillute anymore]

    • Flushed tank with water couple times

    • Flushed tank with gas (to get rid of any water left behind) a couple times

    • Flushed degreasser through the tank(purple power) to get rid of any residue/gas

    I now have Evaporust sitting in the tank to get ANY left over rust that may be left behind.
    i'll then be prepping for paint (VERY POSSIBLE, but this may be my rat bike)

    That's it for now. I'll try to be more pic savy with this & take as much pictures as i can tolerate. Feel free to ask any questions, i'm still a moped nub, but i'll give any info i can.
  2. Sweet! A buddy of mine came by yesterday with a little bike asking me if I could do an 11hp swap with a turbo and I was thinking of making a build thread for it too haha. By the way, nice PBR in picture four :smoke:.
  3. Thanks !! Haha, do it. i feel like these parts of GC don't have enough builds, so why not. lol.
    PBR is that shit.

    Did some wrenching today; how about some old milwuakee?

    Anyways. I drained the tank today, shit started to flash rust (i kind of snoozed). When i realized this, i just filled her up with some straight gas, so now gas is sitting in the tank.

    Rebuilt the engine, but didn't bother to clean it. Fuck it. I probably will when i get another bike goin. The carb is also dirty as shit, which i will be cleaning out probably tomorrow, or maybe even tonight !

    Time for the pics


    fork damage that i have to find a way to fix, if i leave this unattended the fork bearings will dry out. . . i had the metal pieces for this, but my dad put them some where(probably threw them out). Jb Weld?

    the cock

    engine mounted

    lovely <3

    wondering if i should get a new carb/pipe, but for now, this will do. Just to get me around.
    Gas is fucking high !!!! The pipe i want to get 150$ & thinking about going maybe a 19mm or 21mm for the carb. not sure, still debating !! But if this is done, i'll definitly need a new crank as well as clutch tuning !

    Should i chopp the rear fender shorter? hmmmm. . . . .
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    $150 for that pipe is really expensive for the size you're looking for. Even bent by a professional shouldn't cost that much.

    About the crank, you mine as well change it out and I don't know much about clutch tuning or bike power period. A lot of things in cars to relate to their smaller counterparts.

    I'd wait until you find the wheels you want and go by that. That fender can make a nice size tire/wheel look even better
  5. nah not really. you have the wrong idea.
    19/21mm was the side of the CARB i was reffering to, not the pipe.
    150 is a little on the high end side, but well worth it. especially from the reviews that i've seen off the particular pipe i want.

    Yeah cars relate, but not as much. it's a different world. i went from cars -> motorcycles -> mopeds.

    i'm drunk right now, but will be updating this thread tomorrow. but god fucking damn, so many views & no comments, questions, any type of interest in this? wonder if i should even update this or not. hmmmmmmmmm
  6. oOoooooooo updates comming soonnn!!!! juicy juicy. yayayayayayaaaa
  7. Omfg. So sick dude. How'd I miss this. Loving that. Used to ride one like it all over
  8. How much are you getting these things for?

    Where in Chicago are you?

    I've been wanting a moped fixer-upper to get around town, the car and bike get the job done but would like something cheap in case someone knocks it over, etc. I'm sure you know Chicago drivers, they kinda suck ass, and they're even worse when it comes to parking.
  9. thanks. haha.

    MR_ it depends. I'm all over Chicago. So the area doesn't really matter on the price. it's not even that big of a city. . . . .

    yeah they're cheap. but not cheap like that, depending on financial situation. you can easily bomb over 500 - 1000$ on these things.

    i was hit last year on this maxi, so yeah. Chicago driver's are shit, especially in the more foreign populated areas where all the immagrints are (no offence, but it's fucking true)

    sooooOoOoo updates -

    once you have the itch, you'll end up snatching up every good ass deal you can find. && this was one of them. will hit you guys up with details in the morning.
  10. reminds me of my ruckus. i miss that thing.
  11. SCOOTER DON'T CARE. lol !!

    So this is where the blue maxi is at. . . i wasn't aware that they fork cups (headset) were a different size than magnum ones. So essentially, i just put this bike build itself on hold. I was also looking up how to convert the wheel bearings from loose bearing to sealed bearing. But then i actually found out that i had the same rim off the magnum, so i threw that onto my new green maxi.

    All i need for the Blue maxi is a new top cup & front forks.

    mocked up with a cool brown seat i think i might run on it.

    mocked up with magnum forks. will be throwing on regular maxi forks instead.


    I'm buying a Freespirit frame on tuesday & will be throwing all my magnum parts on there. Details on that soon.

    I bought the green maxi pictured above at a sweet ass deal.

    I threw my engine on it. I was battling with air leaks for the 2 weeks until i realized that the crush washer on the spark plug was bad which is where i was mainly leaking from. Instead of a BH7S spark plug i'm running a BH8S plug. Which i think may be a hotter plug (or colder plug).

    Been running like a champ, but i think i may have soft seized a couple times. lol.

    ridin with the Lionz

  12. thats look pretty sick dude. is this just a hobby or you work with scooters for a living?
  13. Damnnn I want that candy green scooter in the last pic.
    That thing is baller.
  14. do you need a license for one of these? lol

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