Protagonism (The Protagonists)

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  1. Hmm. I don't really post here that often...

    Well, here's something for everyone to check out (although it's not much, yet.):

    It's a graphic novel in-the-works, writen by myself and my friend Wryan J. (who will also be doing the art).

    O Discordia!
  2. Well, here's a teaser page for The Protagonists, drawn by my friend and cohort Wryan J.


    I mean... if anyone's interested.
  3. looks awesome!
  4. Hey, thanks!

    Wryan J. has a whole load of shit he's working on. This is our top priority though.
  5. that looks really coool, i like the illustration a lot. i couldnt really follow whatsgoin on in the little snipet, but it looks good.
  6. While the book itself may be a little more linear, this is just a teaser.

    I suppose you could look at that as a small introduction.

    Wryan J. has yet to give me a transcription of his notes for The Protagonists, so my understanding of what's going to happen is very limited. In fact, I'm not sure Wryan even knows what's really going on.

    I'm supposed to be working on a preface to be posted on the myspace, but it's getting confusing.

    Besides, it's more fun for you (the (I pray) reader) to dive blindly into it.
  7. high quality work for sure!
  8. Thank you!

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