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pros and cons of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 12, 2012.

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  2. Show them 'the union'.
  3. Show them the union
  4. costs a lot
    easy to be irresponsible
    resin makes a mess
    clouds up your mind if you smoke too much
    over eating

    helps make you feel good physical and mental
    smells good
    think outside the box
  5. Go to Storm Crow's profile and click the first link in her signature.

    All the information you need.
  6. Pros - Your enjoyment of life will be drastically enhanced

    cons - Without it, it will not.
  7. the only con of cannabis is running out of it.
  8. The only con is that it leaves your cupboards/fridge empty.
  9. Look up on netflix marijuana usa, how weed won the west, marijuana inc, hempsters. And thers more but cant remember but these are all great weed documentaries. How weed won the west is more about dispensaroes on cali though.
  10. pros:
    its awesome
    helps my insomnia (i prefer satvia for this. which sucks because for enjoyment i love indica)
    doesnt harm your body
    makes all foods delicious
    helps me concentrate
    helps my mind slow down (it constantly runs at a mile a minute and i hate it)
    cant be controlled by corporations like tobacco.
    grows natrually with the effects that it has
    physically non-addictive
    relieves pain
    great stress relief
    makes everything awesome
    its cannabis

    its illegal
    viewed as a negative
  11. Pros:
    -Opens up my mind MAJORLY
    -Makes me appreciate being alive
    -Relieves stress and relaxes me
    -Allows me to get a good laugh out of things

    -Building a high tolerence level
    -The price
    -How society treats it, usually comparing it to hard drugs
  12. Pro: It has fucking CRYSTALS on it
  13. My parents are stuck on the fact that it messes with your brain and hurts it. So dumb.
  14. It smells real nice :).
  15. i thought about this too. i am "waiting" for the moment my parents catch me. i will definately show them the union.

    go on google and type in: marijuana documentaries grasscity
    a whole list of documentaries should be on one of the first links
  16. When they say stuff like it "fucks ur brain" tell them to be specific, HOW does it mess with it, what is effected and what causes this effect, what study proves this etc... instead of reading the simple sentence on every website "marijuana is bad", wheres the evidence? oh and for information GRANNY STORM CROWS PROFILE HAS ERRYTHING
  17. Oh and my mom insists that if u smoke your outlook on life descreases and you dont get the same enjoyment in things. She also says that people do bad in school, and their work ethic decreases. -_-

  18. I did do that and she said it stops your brain from growing the way it's suppose to...

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