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  1. hi everyone. i have been using hps for all of my growing experiences and found myself pretty accustomed to it. a friend of mine was talking to me about these new and revolutionary led lights. I became pretty interested about it since i was about to start a new venture. Anyone can give me some insight about the pros and cons of using led lights. Does the product end up as good as hps? better? worse? does it take just as long? I myself like hps alot but my friend told me that these dont give out any heat, which is a definitive plus.
    thanks for the help
  2. was looking into the xtremeled lights. only ones i found in my area..... any help would be appreciated :)

  3. 700? You mind leading me in the direction of the lower wattage lights?

    Is lower wattage the only reason they're under 1k, or does quality suffer?
  4. Led technology is finally here where you get good shit, one guy did an advanced led ds100 vs 300w of hps and stated they were comparable that ds100 cost $300 and you would spend that on a decent ballast hood and bulb
  5. I too would like to know how good LED's are as I have been looking on eBay alot lately and keep seeing small red/blue led lights from £20+ however I am confused as they do not seem to have 6500k/2700k spectrum's listed or whatever they may be so how do you know if they are putting out the correct spectrum's as you could get a blue E27/B22 bulb colored red/blue but that would not mean it is the correct red/blue spectrum needed.

    I hope someone here understands what I am trying to get at and advise me on what to look for with LED's thanks
  6. There are dozens of threads on this here. Do a search.

    The general trend seems to be:

    Yes, LEDs can be good in a grow if you have the bucks to get really good ones.

    For most people, if they can deal with the heat issue, HD lighting is the way to go.
  7. Pros are higher than its cons here
  8. I payed around $250 for my 120w LED Triband I got off Ebay - works fine , check out my journal for reference ;)
  9. Yea you can get decent ones for 300 ish range but if you want a really nice one you are looking at 600 and up the 357 mag led is a really good one

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