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Pros and Cons of a drying rack?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Misseerie, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. So I'm about a week from Harvest, drying and curing. I received a very cool drying rack for Xmas, and I would like to get some input on it. There isn't a ton of info on these things, so I came here for help. Just want to know if anyone uses theses? love em? hate em? easy to use? do you flip em? Thanks GC, here is some pics.


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  2. may have gotten more insight if I had asked about boxes and string.....:confused_2:
  3. I like them just make sure u roll the buds around on it. U will get flat spots if u don't move them.
  4. I feel like it needs a catch tray, or maybe some paper in the last level?
  5. You won't need a catch tray..might put a towel down there if you really want to. I have that thing and after the first dry with it went back to hang up method.

    Your bud will get flat on the side that its resting on on that thing. Then when you go to turn it the other side will get flat. Its just a visual thing but I did not like how my weed dried on that.

    Using hangers with some twist ties was much better imo. What I actually use now are the pant clip more twist ties needed. Picked up a ass load of them super cheap at IKEA. Just hang press the clip clip my branches to it. Works great.
  6. I'll try it out both ways this harvest and see. I just wanted some input. This rack seems cool, but there isn't any real info out there. Alot of items out seem awesome in theory, but don't work, or can be made for way cheaper. I guess the lack of info come from lack of use. I feel a review coming.... I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the responses, Ill have to check out those clips.
  7. This is what I do now too. I also had one of those things and have the same complaints as rhapsodyrcks, buds flat on one side. It works don't get me wrong, I just find is easier to use the clips.
  8. They work fine...if you cut it all of the stems then it will dry really be carefull.
    We use them.

  9. to prevent the flat spot, cant you just roll the bud around like every 6 hours? this will put it on a different angle.

  10. Or you can just hang them never worry about the hassle..even though every 6 hours isn't one.
  11. I use them and they work great. LOL on worrying about flat spots.
    I like that these racks can be flipped and hung upside down every so often to ensure even drying when you have larger volumes in each compartment
  12. Totally stumbled on this thread. Im glad rhapsody validated some concepts I'm waiting to try. I just built a drying box with a fan line that connects to my grow tent. Not so special but I added a pole in the box And used pant clips hangers in the box. I thought i was so clever. Lol I haven't actually used it yet but this next harvest I plan to! In theory I cAn hang a few branches on a single hanger and just clip using the hangers design. No flatting and no turning.
  13. Truth be told..... I was afraid of the rack, and the dreadful flat spot monster!:eek: Not actually concerned about flat spots, seeing as how the intent is to grind it all up and set it on fire.:rolleyes: Still decided that misshapen nugs were not going to make me happy, and worried about over drying, I used clips and line in a cardboard box.:eek: Way less impressive than the rack, but effective. Now starting my second grow, and I plan on giving the rack a try... just for comparison sake. Knowing a little more about drying, I feel more comfortable judging dry times:)
  14. String n box method is my favorite
  15. I love them. You can fit a little over a pound on each easily. I have 3 an just hang them from the roof in my dry room. Haven't had any problems with flat spot.
  16. Its all a matter of personal preference. I like them and have that same one. I dont care about the flat spots because the bud is gonna get smoked anyways. That drying rack to turn the buds over I just un-hang it then let it lay down on itself and flip it over then hang it back up. Just make sure you trim as much of the stem off as possible because they can get caught up in the mesh.
  17. I was curious about getting one of these. I've always hung mine to dry though.
  18. You can use those especially for the low to mid buds that aren't heavy enough to get flat spots. I built my own and it works great. Hang the big'uns though, they need the full circulation all around.
    Be careful rolling them around, trichromes are delicate. Ever had kief? That's how it's made, rubbing your bud on a screen.
  19. I got lazy and didn't have enough clips around, so I just use electrical tape and hangers.... the ultimate lazy mans tool..... tape the buds, hang the tape from hanger. you can fit about 8 branches on one hanger.

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