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Propylene Glycol THC Tincture Recipe by me

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Tetsuol, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Yo whats up long time lurker first time poster hi my name is Will Tokin' & Smokin' , Wakin' & Bakein for over 15 years

    anyway id like to share a little recipe of mine

    I've had a M 401 personal Vaporizer for 2 weeks now and i been messin with some ways to make a tincture on my own this is so far the best method i have come up with , here goes.

    take about a half to 3/4 pound of <insert grass of choice here> i used cheap schwag as to not waste TOO much $$$ if this was a failure.

    into a pint of Propylene Glycol in a pot on the stove. you want to break up your grass as much as you can and toss it into the PG

    now this is key. put your stove on the LOWEST setting electric or flame . if flame make sure the flames are as small as they can be without turning off.

    cover and let heat for . oh 6-8 hours or so may take more or less time depending on stove.

    when the PG stops darkening this means it is no longer absorbing anything so u may as well stop.

    insert into blender and puree the crap out of it.
    now get some cheesecloth, a towel will work but you really want to have cheesecloth for this.

    after your puree has cooled pour into cheesecloth and do your thing.. twist and twist and wring out all the liquid into a bowl

    at this stage if you want to toke in public go ahead and add some peppermint oil. itll make it smell like menthol. add enough to hide the ganja smell. i used like half of a 5ml bottle

    now you have two things. a shitload of THC tincture to smoke in E- cigarettes and a brick of hash
    you cant afaik extract ALL the THC theres still a bit left so u can smoke this when its dryed or as i did use in brownies ^^ yum

    as for the tincture. put into your vaporizers and enjoy a small public high. now i used schwag so this wasnt good for GETTING high FAST. but good for keeping it going. but im sure if you use a better quality (which i will try soon and post results here) youll get a better high

    been smoking my tincture for about 4 days in public now. all weekend in bars and clubs at restaraunts ect. even in front of passing cops here in downtown san antonio.

    its pretty cool to openly toke in public in a very strict state (Texas)
    www.litecigusa.net Best place to get personal vaporizers aka E-cig's E-cigars. smoke juice atomizers and all the parts youll ever need

    its just the best place to get all your vaporizer needs
    cheesecloth is here http://www.target.com/gp/search/178...cheesecloth&LID=22058963&ref=tgt_adv_XSGT0529

    and proplyne glycol here http://www.chemistrystore.com/searc...ene&Click+to+Search2.x=0&Click+to+Search2.y=0

    these are all the cheapest places to buy said items if you find cheaper let me know and ill update here if anyone would like to help fund my research or send some gratitude my way you can send me some cheddar via paypal to [email protected]
  2. excellent write up! I also use E-Cig's for Toking in public. I Use the china DSN's w/ a drop of vanilla in my tincture.
    Very glad some one is sharing new ways of delivery. I cannot agree more that this is the stealthiest way to toke.
  3. Yes my recpie works in any E-cig also an update for you guys

    one of my suppliers was so impressed by my tincture he donated to me a ounce of Kush/ pure indica baby!!!

    no schwag this time around

    i followed my same method only using much less propylene glycol since this was much less weed

    i used about 4oz of PG and did the exact same method

    the results? AMAZING yes BETTER WEED = BETTER HIGH. this time it actualy gets you high without having to pre-burn one before you leave the house.

    the only other exception is my friend wanted me to use orange extract instead of peppermint cause he dont like menthol

    i dont know if that effected the potency or not as i am not a chemist but i can say for a fact Kush in the tincture + orange oil = amazing mindblowing high

    other then that follow my same method. he plans on actualy capitalizing on my idea making it public and getting this out on the streets for dispatch. score one for FREEDOM lol
  4. Wow, ok I just a bought an E Cig 510. I plan on cutting back on regular cigarettes, but the THC mod really interested me. I've been looking into this a lot and I'm glad that THC can mix with PG because thats exactly what I have!!

    Only problem is I'm on a budget and I don't have an ounce, or a pound! I have about a couple grams but I'm looking for the best measurements

    Any pointers? How much Propylene Glycol would you use with a couple grams
  5. how many grams?. if under 5 id reccoment you use about 1oz of PG and really keep an eye on it adding a weee bit more if it all dries up or before it all dries up but make sure you dont put TOO much PG.

    for such a small amount id really reccomend a test tube / bunson burner but as that is not available to everyone my normal method will work its just youll have to be REALLY careful as to not waste any. and when you get to cheesecloth step make sure it all goes directly to center and twist the crap out of it so as to not waste a single precious drop

  6. Fantastic! I can't wait to try this. I have PG on the way, as well as a lab kit. I have a coffee strainer instead of cheesecloth so, we'll see how that works. I don't quite know where to find the other
  7. cheesecloth can be found at your local target or walmart or hobby store

    cheesecloth : Target Search Results

    cheesecloth is flexable and plyable so you can twist it and it wont tear.. a coffee strainer will waste alot i DO NOT reccomend a coffee strainer AT ALL you will waste alot and not extract most of the tincture period . a cheesecloth will allow you to put pressure on it and squeze the crap out of it draining every last drop


    * Keep your cheeses contained with this handy cloth
    * Won't fall apart when wet and won’t flavor the food it touches
    * Can be used to strain liquids by forming a packet for herbs and spices that can be dropped into a soup or stockpot and lining molds"
  8. OK. Cheesecloth it is. I want this to be perfect. Thanks for the info! I'll update with my results
  9. Hi I just stumbled upon this forum. Awesome job on the recipe. I had a few followup questions if you don't mind.
    What is the yield for your four-ounce investment?
    How many times can you refill your ecig?
    Four ounces would be a lot of heavy sessions in traditional methods how many would it be in your setup?
    Thanks again, for the recipe and hopefully you have time to respond.
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    four ounces would be about 5-6 oz of tincture plus the hash brick 1 ounce of tincture of GOOD QUALITY indica or some strong hydro would last you and your buddies several days a it takes about 2-3 drips in your e-cg to fil it and thats a joint worth right there.

    and 3 drips out of just 1 ounce is like /100th of an ounce

    my method is not only great for public toke but also is a real cash saver. out of my original pint aka 16oz ive sold about 8 oz shared withfriends about 2oz and still have over 6 oz left the brick i had left like i said i made brownies. the brick of orange kush i had left i smoked allready but still have about 1oz of the tincture. i use the kush tincture to get high and the scwagg tincture to keep it going. its the longest weed has ever lasted me to be honest and im sure if u ask anyone else who does this they will agree

    this doubles if not triples the usuage u get out of it cause unlike rolling a join or blunt and smoking it there is no downtime no burn time nothing is being burned off while not taking a drag nothing is being wasted

    also you can refil your ecig about 20 times before changing the filter . just buy a 5 pack of filters for $3 on the net i reccomend www.litecigusa.net
  11. bump. had to remove some links as a retailer didnt want me recommending their products thus giving him buissness.. i know insane right. if anything id figure it woulda been target or something but it wasnt
  12. Wow, this is amazing.

    I'm planning on using e cigs in a few weeks to reduce my cigarette intake, but this is awesome.

    now How exactly do i refill my filter? do I use a syrunge? an eye dropper?
  13. i use a 3cc syringe you can also use a eyedropper but its a little complicated to do so because youll miss the center alot thus wasting precious drops and when you inhale you inhale the fluid that missed the sponge

  14. 1/2 to 3/4 pound? or 1/2 to 3/4 ounce to 1 pint? 1/2 lb seems like a very high volume to fit into 1 pint of liquid
  15. pound not oz and yes its alot if you use too little then the tincture comes out VERY weak
  16. so how long does it take to finish a joints worth in drops?
  17. #17 Tetsuol, Aug 13, 2009
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    original answer is below i didnt read your question properly lol

    how long does it take to finish a joints worth of drops?

    there are two ways to answer that. like i said below 3 drops is about 7 good hits.

    or if you mean if you were to take a joints worth of bud and make a small aount of tincture out of in in a chemistry set. your looking at about a vial or about 1-2ml which would be about 3 joints worth , hence it stretches out your bud significantly

    a pinner would be about 3 drops. aka about 7 hits.. a fatty would be about 12 drops.. never use more then 3 drops at a time or your just wasting it

    for best effect 1 drop on atomizer other 2 drops in the e-liquid filter

    when the "vapor" smoke starts becoming weak. add 1 drop onto the atomizer before adding more to the filter as the filter probably still has some in it

    never add more then 1 drop directly onto the atomizer or you can fry the battery
  18. so... confused. lol but from what I understand it sounds like something fun and helpful I'm missing out on!
  19. 1/2 lb still feels like a lot for 1 pint, which is like 2 cup. just the volume of 1/2 lb doesn't seem like it would fit into a pint glass. if you know what I mean.
  20. you dont seem to understand. for one you break it down as small as you can grind it if you have one

    for two you only use a few drops of the propylene glycol to begin with so one pint is ALOT

    for three sure you can use alot less if you want. thats your perogative but im telling you from experiance the THC content will be so low youll have to smoke ALOT more of the tincture to get any effect whatsoever

    if your a lightweight ans can get high off of 1 oz into 16oz of PG then thats great for you

    these are personal trials and personal experiances

    speaking of which i made a few more ill have to update soon..

    also id like to make a step by step picture guide. but am too afraid police could use it as evidence against me and send me to jail ; ;

    like i said. strict state <texas>

    oh yeah. on another not you are partialy correct. in my experiments i have found the higher quality bud the more potent the tincture. so if you were to use some super grade A shit. im sure you could use alot less of it in the tincture and still acheive the desired effect

    on another note i ruined a small batch experimenting with higher temeratures. you really wanna keep the tempp low.. under 200 if possible as thc burns off at 220 iirc

    so a double boiler works better

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