Props to the police!

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  1. Man this thread is in honor of 'The Man'. Sometimes he ain't a nice guy, sometimes he's a down right prick. Nevertheless you should never forget that these men and women who wear blue put their lives on the line a lot of the time. Sometimes they may not have the patience to be courteous, but respect goes along way with them.

    Now before some of you give me negative rep for this, keep in mind I am in no way excusing instances of police brutality, abuse of power, ect. There are definitely some corrupt cops in the world, and it makes sense. We're all human. I am sure a lot of these guys go into the academy with good intentions, but power does things to people and sometimes it goes to peoples heads.

    So before you say 'fuck the police', remember that there are cops out there that are busting their ass to keep streets safe, filing paperwork, being away from their families, getting shot at, and dying to uphold and enforce the laws that our government sign.

  2. oh and i am fucking high
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Fuck The Police - Pineapple Express[/ame]

    sorry, i just had to.

    But i understand where your coming from, my father works with the po and it aint easy
  4. I'll rep it. I had to do a lot of community service at a police station, and they ended up being funny as hell. (even though I'd tried to fight them one of them in the incident that preceded my community service).
  5. What the hell is up with all the "Dont hate the po-lice" threads lately?!

  6. They on to us dawg.

  7. Well good sir I can't speak for anyone else on the matter but I for one am pretty fuckin sick and tired of seeing all these 'fuck the police' bullshit posts by people who probably aren't even out of highschool yet.

    I'm not gonna hate on anyone for their opinion, just saying step back and be aware that not all police are shitheads. I speak from experience when I say not all cops are corrupt or assholes.

    Do you disagree?
  8. Alert everyone else mane. Flush the stash.... scratch that.... DO the stash... n mount the fuck up! :devious:

    No, I don't disagree.. to an extent. Not ALL cops are assholes... but 95% of the cops that I've dealt with have gone above and beyond to fuck me/make my day hell. I say 95% because my Grandfather is an Ex-State cop. I can't say much about him as a police officer because i didnt know him around that time... but he is a good and honorable man.

    Basically every cop I've dealt with on every level in my area (local, sheriff, state) and a close proximity area of other counties have been fucking pricks. So I have said it many times and I will say it again... MOTHER FUCK THE POLICE!
  9. Im not a fan of anybody who wants to put me behind bars for an extended period of time.

    I was raised with the 'fuck the police' mentantilty but dont feel that way completley.

    My pops got his ass beat bad by the police on his 17th birthday.

    Knocked out a tooth, Tore out some hair ect ect.

    And ive never really had a good experience with them.

    Ive had a cop pull my pants down to my fuckin knees in the projects, I went to pull them up and he threw me so hard onto my homies car it fuckin hurt, And started screaming eat paint or hes gon tase me.

    Ive been fucked with on numerous occasions.

    Only good cop experiences ive had is with a ex girlfirneds father, He was a officer.

    He knew i sold, Knew i did shiet this was many many years back but he was cool with me and respected me being with his daughter.

    Hed see my hat crooked and jus make polish jokes about it, Caught me in some fucked up situaions before and jus said to get the fuck outta there before any more police come.

    But besides him, I pretty much feel fuck the police.

    Fuckers been on my block daily, Following me to work and all types of shiet. In my backyard about a week ago.

    Fuck that noise.
  10. Not all police are shitheads, but the majority are.
  11. Not all stoners are dumb, but the majority are.

  12. This is also true. I consider myself educated though.

  13. Yeah man I totally get where you're coming from. Some areas, especially poverty ridden areas like projects are really vulnerable to the brunt of shit cops. Why? Because poor and depressed people are easier to hassle. Easier to abuse. They know poor folks are going to want to make money somehow, be it selling drugs, prostitution, ect. Now I'm not saying that's where you've come from I don't know you or how you grew up, don't get me wrong.

    Bullies pick on the weak. And that's all bad cops like that are, bullies.
  14. I just dont like cops, At all, Once you have more then 3 bad expierences with them you kinda just see them and go...He wears a badge just like the last three. Plain and Simple maybe 99.9 are assholes, I dont feel like the .1 would be seen very often so i assume they are assholes.
  15. Then you should know that most cops aren't "shitheads." Maybe they treat you in such a manner because you have given them cause.

    ** Don't think I haven't had my fair share of police on power trips either, I've been arrested 3 times for committing no crime, each case was dropped when I went to court.
  16. I've noticed cops can be very chill, as long as they don't pull you over. They have to be dicks to establish an authorative hold, maybe it's a part of the job? I don't know. Cops bust stoners because it's illegal, they're doing their job, even if that means feeling their monthly quotas. Granted sometimes they piss me off, some can be total pricks, but you've got that with every group of people.

  17. Well man that makes no sense. So because you've never met a cool cop, there must not be any?

    That's like saying just because I've never been to Japan it must not exist.
  18. No No i have met some cool cops, But the thing is it has become so Rare i dont take my chances, I just judge them because of there other 1000's of Power trippin', trigger happy, Gotta look for something to write this guy up for kinda cop. il admit i probably shouldnt judge them but thats what happens after you get treated like shit so many times from the people who wear the same uniforms, And Claim the same thing " To protect and serve"
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    I feel you on that, I'm trying to make some money by doing work and I have the fuckers follow me as soon as I get on the block. It's bullshit man, now I gotta lay low and wait for them to get off my case. Won't have any money to buy anything whatsoever.


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