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Properly masking your weed scent

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SparklyLemurs, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I'd like to begin by apologizing because I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times. But I'm new to the community and currently to high to bother searching through your archive.
    I've been smoking for a couple of months, yada yada. I haven't had any major scares with the folks who are very religious and Anti-everything. But I sure as hell want to do my best to avoid any scares.

    I have a smell proof jar and I keep my pipes in small baggies and I keep those in a very small mini backpack. However, I've noticed that despite all the measures I take, the bag itself seems to contain some of the marijuana odor. I've tried febreeze and even washing it but it seems to be stuck at that febreze/marijuana scent.
    So whenever I carry that backpack around in my actual tote bag, the tote bag eventually absorbs the scent and it smells like weed for a good amount of time.

    I'm sure it's impossible to completely eradicate the scent but is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a type of backpack/pouch I can use to mask the scent, I'm guessing I should try something made of a different material because I believe it's the cotton/foamy inside keeping the scent within it.

    Thanks so much.
  2. maybe you're carrying too much weed? I keep mine in a plastic medicine container for carrying around and use glass canning jars to keep large amounts of bud, both work great...usually it's my bowl that makes shit smell, and I HATE the smell of my bowl, but I put that in plastic bags, never really bothered too much after that
  3. I keep my herb in a starbucks coffee bottle, they sell them everywhere, i keep my lighter, herb and pipe in it, and even with your nose directly on the bottle you cant smell anything .
  4. I don't carry that much with me, It's most likely my pipe but even with the baggies I still have the issue of completely hiding the scent. I'll try using some different baggies, the ziplock ones instead of just the plain little zipper.
  5. put the pipe in the jar also...this is the source or your odor
  6. Yea, it's definately the pipe. I can leave out my pipe on the kitchen table and 2 hours later my kitchen smells like weed. Best thing to do is get a bigger jar to put your stash and pipe in, zero smell what so ever...The hard part at this point is hiding your bigger jar. I would recommend somewhere like an amp or a computer, where you need to unscrew things to get in it. It may be annoying, but it's better than getting caught isn't it?
  7. jar everything... the pipe can stink worse than the herb, certainly more offensive :p
  8. Idk about the jar and pipe, because its glass on glass, and could crack from a small movement and would "ting ting ting!" around in there. Never tried it, but maybe put the piece in a few layers of socks, and maybe dryer sheets in the socks? Maybe it'll work, best of luck
  9. I keep my bubbler, one-hitter, mini cigarillos for rolling blunts, and a medicine bottle filled with bud in a pencil pouch, put the pencil pouch in a glass jar, seal the jar, put the jar in duffel bag, stick the duffel bag in the back of my closet. Never really had any problems, not even the duffel bag itself smells in the least.
  10. My pipe is awful, so dirty and packed with resin, yet it doesnt make my room smell. My secret? Its in a bag in another bag in another bag in another bag in another bag in another bag in another bag with my bud and lighter.

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