Proper Watering Technique

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  1. Hey everybody this is my second organic grow without bottled nutrients and I have a quick question about watering. While growing do I keep the soil moist throughout the whole grow or should I let the pots dry out before watering?
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  3. You want to keep your soil moist, don't want the microbes to go dormant. The easiest way would be to make a self watering container. Check out the link below. A lot of people use this set up, if you are using different style of buckets there are other ways to go about making one of these containers. I must say that when my plants finally get over the transplant (some take it better than others) they really enjoy these buckets. I use 5 gallon plastic containers with a wicking basket, I think smaller ones tend to hold more water cause I have 1 gallons (I think) that get soaked and my 3 gallons stay fairly moist but the 5 gallons get a little dried on top few inches. I just top water my 5 gallons and place mylar over it to keep it moist up top and that makes a big difference in the growth as well.

  4. If you use VAM, then 30% moisture content would be a whole heck of a lot.
  5. Allow the top inch or so of the pot to dry out before watering. Don't let the entire pot dry out. Smaller pots require more frequent watering since they dry out quicker.
  6. Thanks everybody for your replies! I'm growing them in 5 gallon smartpots and was letting the whole thing dry out. I will definitely check out that link that you posted.

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