Proper Mother Pruning

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by randomseed, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So I'm wondering the best technich to use when pruning a mother.

    I had a critical mass mom that was about 4.5 ft and needed to lose about a foot.
    I cut off the main stalk below most of the old clone cuts and tried to trim down the branches to about the same height.

    She did not respond well at all and after a week of nothing healthy looking going on I just killed it and replaced with another one I had in veg.

    To start the mom was looking pretty rough and being critical mass it did not have alot of leaf so Im thinking those two factors played a big role in losing her.

    So in short (back to subject) what would have been the PROPER way to go about cutting a few feet off of a plant in veg?

    the goal was to go from 4+ feet tall down to 2 or less.

    Ive got about 6 moms that need the same treatment right now so its kind of a big thing for me, I dont want to keep upping my moms generation evertime I need more headroom. Id like to keep them around for awhile.
  2. Curious - how much of the original mass did you remove?
    Sounds like you could have gotten away with it if you had spread the cutting over some time.
  3. Literally a foot and a half. The strain is extremely sparse in leaves however so there were only like maybe 20 to start and about 5 left when I was done.

    As a side note it is the easiest strain to trim EVER!
  4. You could have made it more bushy by topping early on in the veg stage then take your cuttings a branch at a time which then gives you time to get more growth before you use that branch again Just a suggestion for next time I had a similar problem with this strain when I had a mother and this is what was suggested and it worked

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