Proper bong hittage w/ ashcatcher?

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  1. I'm curious:

    When hitting a bong with an ashcatcher, I've seen it done two ways; removing the bowl, or the catcher itself. My question is, is there a 'proper' way? I honestly don't see any difference. Is it just personal preference?

    The reason I ask is (beside just being high and wondering) my ashcatcher for my 18" Medicali (both are the same company) only ever has a little water at the bottomafter it gets hit a few times, and then it gets really dirty. I also hate having ash water sucked into the beaker. Would removing the ashcatcher be my best bet?

    Toke on, GC.

  2. well i always take out the bowl because it is less that could be dropped and broken plus when u take out the bowl you can get the smoke out of the ash catcher and it is just the better way to smoke if you ask me.
  3. It's never good to leave smoke to go stale in your a/c, but if you'd rather have water in the ash catcher than clear the whole bong, then it's all your personal preference. Just do what works for you.

    imo, i usually laugh when people pull the ashcatcher on my roor. lol
  4. Yeah, I've always pulled the bowl because of ease/no smoke in the AC.
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    When I hit a bong with an ashcatcher I'll only really pull the ashcatcher if it adds a lot of drag when it comes to clearing the tube; even then, bowl first, then ashcatcher.
  6. sounds like you're overfilling your a/c. you should have just barely enough water to cover the holes/slits. oh and only pull the bowl.
  7. bowl only simple question!
  8. take of the bowl, then hit it lightly to just clear out the smoke from the a/c but not pull any water through, then remove the whole a/c and clear it fast. thats how i always do it

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