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Proper amount of de-leafing during flowering??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by SmokinJoe19, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Hi guys

    I argue back n forth with my buddies about this

    some do it every 2wks from day 1 flowering til cut. Some once a week, one of my friends thinks it new leaf’s will come in faster and it’s fine to do it every other day.

    I am back n forth between one to two week intervals. We all run rdwc setups, I’m the only one without ac n c02 because my room is in my garage

    my setup, 4x8 room, 900 watts of mixed hlg and Alb qb lights, 4 - 5 gal bucket setup w one as a res. 1/4 chiller & 700gph pump, I’m day 26 of flowering, see pics

    Please let me know your methods, right now I do once every 10 days all the way to cut

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  2. It varies by plant and grow, but Normally I'll just let grow until flower then strip everything not wanted after the stretch. I'll remove the leaf's touching soil other than that I'll tuck until defoliation
  3. I remove what needs to be removed , I take only the leaves touching or covering other bud sites . I do tuck and move on the rest.
  4. Each of my 3 plants has a 32x32 inch floor footprint

    the canopy they have now reduces a ton of light getting down to the lower parts of the plant.

    I do cut everything the first 14-16 inches up because it’s just a waste being down there. The ladies are 5ft tall including the buckets

    I leave a few of those low branches for clones I’ll start in a week
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  5. Bikini wax/lollipop after stretching then clean the fan leafs up with purple stems as the mature. Probably every other day to twice a week. This helps with airflow and humidity.
    All the way till chop.
    The main thing to know is what fan leafs to remove, look for the darker thicker stalks that are blocking the most light and take a bit at a time. Definitely don’t just clip/remove it all making it naked and straggly do it gradually.

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  6. I typically do it once a week n go for big leafs blocking up top, make sure my plants don’t grow into one another n always grab the purple stems first

    these plants were topped 4 or 5 times early on
  7. I prune hard all through veg then just pluck a few ugly daily as i go along during flower.. I am retired and have the time to love them a lot. I really pull big leaves 2 weeks or so from harvest during bud swell. Just what works for me. I tend to veg very long though before flip.

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  8. Those look borderline nitrogen toxic, which could be starting to lock out other nutrients magnesium one that's noticeable
  9. Man i hate lockout. Pain in the butt.
  10. I’ll dial that back

    I drop cal mag next week as well
  11. Not yours his

    But yes cal/mag I stopped when I used liquid nutrients after the stretch

    If you look at his plants you can see how shiny they are which is associated with nitrogen toxicity, if you look closely there are quite a few clawing tips which is also a sign of nitrogen toxicity. Some leaves are yellowing in between the veins which is a sign of magnesium deficiency. Nitrogen toxicity causes a lock out of other nutrients so showing signs of toxicities mixed with deficiencies is common.
  12. I trim aggressively all the time. if it shades a bud site, it goes, is my motto.

    if those were my plants, I would trim aggressively. there is way too much shade on the lower buds.

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