proof that girls are evil!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. the math, my friends

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  2. I see your equation...seen it b4.

    All I can say is that I'm glad you made it clear what GIRLS want.

    Women want much more... maybe you can work out a quadratic equation for women, hmm :confused:
  3. And I forgot to mention... Did you forget your Premise?

    Money is evil, hmmm... think maybe you should have paid a lil more attention in class ;)

    And about that Algebraic equation... think about it.
  4. What the fuck?

    Sensi...I see the math, my friend!
  5. hahahaha... proof is here.... i gotta write that down and show my girlie.
  6. i got it too sensi.
  7. LOL I love it![​IMG]

    Uhhh Den Activist...sensimil is a girl I do believe.
  8. hell, I didnt even notice what she wrote...yup a grrly girl myself lovin them girlie girls themselves. in the flesh. nekid that is. :)
  9. Why did't they teach me this in school....
  10. Damn this thread is old.
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    A.) How in the hell did you find this thread( Did you search for it? Why?)?
    B.) Why would you bump this thread?
  12. all the cool kids heard about it...
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    Yawn. Two problems here:

    1.) Original thread is REPOST of a boring ass picture we've all seen a million times.
    2.) This thread was necro'd. A+. Don't bring up threads that are over a month old, it's annoying as shit.

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