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  1. What would you consider proof for the existance of god?

    There have been many sightings of god and many miracles that are described in various scriptures. Once even the sun seemed to be proof for divinity (Helios/Apollo).

    Today there's a number of people claiming either to be a divine creature or to have seen god or something like that. Most of those are now in a mental institution. With good reason, I reckon, most of'em...

    But what if...what if a god actually exists? And has revealed him/herself to somebody. That person would prolly end up just like so many others...ridiculized and medicated.

    So my question is: What would you consider perfect proof for a divine existance?
  2. A bit thin, innit? I mean after all it's just a plant amongst others that gives ye a high.
  3. He would have to communicate directly with me maybe. Like talk to me personally. Or some kind of sign. I dont know what though. Ive never thought of this question before.
  4. yeah i know i was just being a smartass

    ....i have never come across anything that should make me believe in a God, just that i was brought up Catholic and it takes a while to "unlearn" things you know?
  5. In that case there would remain the task of convincing me you actually did talk to god. And there's a slight possibility you're psychotic.

    Same here...but I unlearned in no time. As soon as I figured out I only went to church to please the 'rents, I quit.
  6. i havent been in 5 mom gives me shit all the time, says i am going to hell blah blah blah, she cries about it sometimes that i do not go or pray or anything....oh well
  7. Proof? I would like to see some fireballs from the sky. (I mean why did all the cool stuff happen 2050 thousand years ago?) Maybe a 747 flying through a cloud and crashing into the pearly gates. A priest admitting that the bible was written by man and therefore could never be proven to be divinely inspired. If I turned on CNN and instead of hearing how Nick and Jessica are breaking up I hear an in depth report on the Israeli Palestinian problem.
  8. Poor bastard...I moved out some 10-12 years ago...ain't got them problems any more..
  9. same here dude. it's hard to say. honestly, i have given this thought. I've prayed for signs before but then the hard thing is, how do you know if something is or isn't a sign? it can drive ya crazy if you think about it too much. i just live my life and try not to think about it anymore. i do believe in a God of some sort. i just figure that's over my head and we can gel when i reach him
  10. That would be a start but I really need a phone call from the man himself.
  11. i am moving out this summer
  12. i find enough proof within myself. perfect proof right there :D

    but i would like for god* to come down put me on his shoulders and watch as he destroys all the noobies. now that would convince some people.

    *im refering to the western thought of god as an emperor which i dont even believe.
  13. You'll get all the proof you need once you're burning in hell, sinner!
  14. Let's say He spoke to you. How would you then relay that to others so that they would believe you and not lock you up?
  15. i would write down what 'god' said to me in a book, i would call it... the tao te ching maybe baghvada gita, what the hell lets just call it the coran. and if that didnt work i would ask god to write down himself what he wanted to tell me. hopefully he would carve it into rock in 10 easy to read sentences.
    im sure there would be people who wouldnt believe that god spoke to me, but maybe in 2000 years they would.
  16. I think the perfect proof for me would be talking to God, and during our conversation he tells me exactly when, and how something is going to happen in precise details.

    After that who gives a fuck what other people think? I, myself, have seen proof that God exists.
  17. Im agnostic so i would need proof and i dont think just a conversation would be good enough something worldwide that is so astonishing to everyone there is simply no other way to explain it exept god
  18. well i have an "experience" but it really never turned me to god or anything and i don't go to church on sundays...well anyway when i was in highschool i had gotten WAY to drunk to be at school. since i hadnt had a 1st block my and my freinds would chill and what not.
    well anyway i got UBER drunk UBER UBER UBER i think the drunkest i've ever been and i got sick so i "walk" into school more of a stumble but anyways, i get sick i run to the bathroom and what not and blow MAD chunks. and i'm on the ground in the highschool bathroom with my head in a toilet, and i look up and theres a cross on a chain right above my head hanging from a hook....idk it could be a sign but i really never but MUCH thought into it you know.....
  19. I will only believe in divinity when i am in the sole presence of said sentient being.

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