Prometheus Pipe

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  1. I just bought the Prometheus Pipe and I love it, only have had it for a Day but it is the best pict pipe i have had in 30 yrs. 
    Looking for some input on the pipe....

  2. ??Who Dat!
  3. I'm considering buying this.  Have you used it for concentrates?  If so, can you get as big of a hit as you can with a bong? 
  4. can i see it

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  5. According to google this is a Prometheus Pipe


    Im assuming its a pipe shaped vaporizer.
  6. appears to be a glass bowl and stem encased inside a shiny metal outer shell, seems cool. I'd let it smoke in my mouth. :smoking:  :smoking:
  7. I like the idea of it but It didn't seem to get great reviews on youtube at least, id definitely hit the thing if it was passed to me. 
  8. It's an "unbreakable" glass spoon. It's incased in the metal. They are pretty cool. I saw a YouTube vid of the company throwing it really high in the air multiple times trying to break it. It eventually cracked but it would definitely survive normal dropping..
  9. That's a pretty cool pipe.
  10. I have one. It is awesome.
  11. The glass bowl size of the big and pocket size are the same. I have the pocket size. I use a glass filter.
  12. It is a pipe. has a carb on the side.
  13. I've always been interested in these. No particular reason I guess, they just look very modern-age and I like the whole unbreakable part.
  14. Wicked pipe! I've got the big one. I like the design and the screen placement is great! You can pull through and never get bits of weed in your mouth. Quality. I'd love to see a bong along these lines.

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