prometh/codeine with some bud?

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  1. So I was sick recently and the good old doc gave me two 4oz bottles of prometh/codeine cough syrup.

    What ever shall I do with it? Since I have no ideas.
  2. Make lean, duh.
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    damm there are like 5000 of these same threads just search a page or 2 back and you will find one with the same exact question and all you answers will be solved.

    codeine is the opiate the prometh is a mild sedative an is a opiate potentiator.

    but since it seems like you have a low tolerance to opiates i would say drink anywhere from half to the whole thing if you want to be feeling nice.4 oz bottles are pretty small.

    but i recommend you just drink the whole 4 oz,and no you don't have to mix it with anything just drink it straight.ive never got why people need to mix sprite and jolly ranchers and shit its just a waste of time.
  4. Hm, okay yea, I don't really mess around with too many drugs. I'll prolly just take a fourth of the bottle and see what kind of buzz it gives me and go from there.

    Thanks anyways.
  5. Mix 30mL of syrup with a 12oz sprite and add a jolly rancher.
  6. i dont even know if you will feel a 1/4 of that bottle
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    Drink 2-3 oz of that shit and feel good.. DUH!

    Oh yeah, pour it in a 20oz Sprite bottle first.. and throw in a Jolly Rancher if you have one (or want to buy one).

    When I had a 4oz bottle, I walked 15min to the store just to buy Jolly Ranchers for it. :confused_2:
  8. People mix it because it tastes bomb as fuuuck, and its chill to just sit back with your bomb drink n smoke a bleezy.
  9. but why its just a waste of time.just gulp it down its not that hard,i dont get why people are gonna waste time and make some drink out of it just cause it taste bad.

    its only a little bit
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    Because you're supposed to chill and drink it..

    If you gulp it down it'll hit you really hard and you'll miss that "level". You're supposed to sip on lean because you want to find that level, and once you're there, you want to stay there and not drink too much more - just sip every so often to stay there

    If you drink too much there's no going back and you could be in serious trouble. Plenty of people have died from this shit. And I know no one is going to die from 4oz, but if you gulp it all, it'll not be a pleasant experience.

    It's not a waste of time because you're enjoying it while drinking it and getting fucked up at the same time.
  11. ya that's true,i already know how much i would need to take for me to reach a comfortable high.its all good tho everyone has there own way of doing drugs.

    and shit i wish i had some opiates,gonna be getting some 8mg subs pretty soon that's gonna be cool.
  12. Yeah, I gotcha man. To each his own. Have fun with those subs and be safe. :smoke:

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