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  1. Okay okay, I am super stoked cuz I failed to complete highschool (GED) and I still get to go to Prom!! WOOO!!!


    anyone else excited about prom haha? I can't believe I'm actually going to be in a dress....this will be amusing
  2. Highschool has long passed for me but isn't a bit late for prom? most schools out here are already out for the summer
  3. prom was the worst night of my life, so far

    you need to get your high school diploma, most people can't live on their own without it. especially girls.

    but hey have a good time, have fun gettin hammered and dancing.
  4. Wow, you certainly have a way with the ladies. Single much? :D
  5. I was just thinking that.

    I've been out of highschool for many years now, but I remember my junior prom.. I went with this real sexy senior chick. We were smoking blunts the entire day before going to prom.. then I drank a fifth of captain morgans private stock, blacked out, didn't remember even going to prom, and ended up 3/4 naked in the woods the next morning... the good thing? The girl was fully naked with me in the woods. :laughing:

    Crazy crazy highschool days... I wish I was still as wild as those days.
  6. my prom was lame

    i paid over 100 dollars just to do what i do normally any weekend (smoke weed and get fucked up), outside of having to go to the lamest event ever and listen to shitty pop music for an hour before i could leave
  7. I dropped out, got my GED - never went to prom...

    And I'm totally fine.

    I'm glad I never had to go to prom. Why would I want to go to some lame dance with a bunch of people I can't stand?
  8. I wasn't saying it to be disrespectful, i'm just stating the obvious. A girl without her high school diploma is going to get a RETARDED lower chance of gettin into ANY type of labour union and other type of jobs then a guy without a high school diploma.

    What I mean is, if a guy doesn't finish high school, he can still get sometimes find a job that he can make a living off of, but if your a girl its probably 10 times harder to find a job that they can live off of without a diploma.

  9. So not true.

    Most jobs don't even care if you have a HS diploma or not - all you do is say you graduated - they'll never check.

    What a silly thing to say.

    Sexist and stupid.
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    He's referring to labour intensive jobs. Go apply at a ledgerock crushing site with my big buddy Rob and see who gets the job.

  11. Which begs the question - what's the point in bringing that up when women don't usually work those types of jobs anyway?

  12. i dropped out and got my GED but i view that as one of the worst decisions of my life - i still can't get a job without a diploma.

    i skipped my senior prom but went last year to my ex-girlfriend's.

    again, i wish i lived near you because around where i live, no diploma = no job. no mickey d's, no back breaking manual labor either.

    they just don't want you if you don't have a diploma.
  13. That's strange.. get your GED - that IS a high school diploma
    It should be viewed as being exactly the same - if a place won't hire you with it, they're fucked up. Either way, when you fill out an application in the future, just indicate that you're a HS graduate. I don't know of any jobs worth working at that actually check to verify that.

    I've worked in NJ, NY and CA with my GED - was making almost $50k a year at my last job. Perhaps you're applying to the wrong jobs or simply put - you need to stop announcing on your applications that you're a dropout or have a GED.

    But to be honest... I think I put down that I had a GED at my last job and they didn't care.
  14. most of the times, i just put my last high school because i did "complete" my senior year. i could not even begin to count the applications i've put out there in the last 2 years, and the sad thing is that i would consider myself lucky if i heard back from the company i applied at to hear they had hired someone else. most places simply don't. i've only tried applying for jobs in maine, so maybe its different in other places. and moving isn't an option as broke as i am.

    it should be the equivalent but let's face it, in most cases its not. i work self employed, if i work at all.

  15. I guarantee you that the reason you're not being hired has nothing to do with your GED but the fact that there are barely any jobs available ANYWHERE in this country right now.
  16. mmmmm idk I'm starting college so I suppose I dont have to worry bout it :p but yea...I get to meet new people tho :D yay prom? <.<
  17. I wasn't allowed to go to my prom because I beat up some punk ass bitch in school. It was the only fight I've ever been in, it was with a dude, and fuck prom. I don't regret anything, KNOW YOUR PLACE.
  18. Lmao GED does not equal HS diploma. I took the GED in 7th grade and I got it with filing colors.
  19. Uhm prom sucks LOL thank god I didn't pay a dime for that ticket.
  20. Seems like everyone had a shitty prom or didn't go.... LOL.

    The dance part was garbage. Ended up renting out a cabin with 30 other people the next day... probably the best party I've ever been to.

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