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  1. Livingroom-Growbox
    Hello, i am new to growing and want to try my first attempt for own consumption as im so, so tired of dealers and all that comes with them.
    I have a counter with some shelfs im going to box off and make it blend into the setting of the counter. Visually you would never know anything was in there or have any reason to think there should be anything there. I have read alot around on the internett, several forums, read in some different pdf books and generally relied on google ^^. I now belive i know enough to actually spend the money and risk trying to make the project work. Before spending the money and doing the work, i hoped to have some with more experience check out my plans and correct any errors or make me give up the plans realizing i dont have a good enough space yet.
    Im from europe and use alot of different messurements, but will try to allways use the american standard or that + my own.

    The space im going to use is (39,37ln x 17,19ln x 28,74ln). I will use a fake wall out of plywood and make it so you can close and open it like a closet door only without a handle.
    I have read alot around and what i think(Please! correct me if im wrong :O) would be the best setup for this space is four 1,58-2,3 gallons pots 7ln/18cm-7,87ln/20cm using the hempy-bucket principle. This would grow lowryders Automatic AK477
    Type : Autoflowering, mostly sativa hybrid
    Height : 14 – 24 inches
    Harvest date : 10 weeks from seed
    Yield : 20 – 40g per plant
    Ideal light regime : 20/4 from seed to harvest
    Ideal pot size : 5 – 7litres
    Environment : Indoors/Outdoors
    Effect : Giggly/High/Mild Munchies

    under two CFL 2700k 125W 8000Lm bulbs. (I can upgrade to 250W 2700k or 25000K instead of 2700k). I will plug these two reflectors, hanging by YOYO, into two timers that will manage the light schedule of 20/4 from seed to harvest.
    I will paint the wooden insides with latex based white paint and drill a hole to work as passive intake at the bottom left side, and a hole for the fan to blow air into the ducting leading to a coal scrubber as a active outake on the upper right side, i will also drill small hole for electricity and Digital Hygro Thermometer(clock, temp, humidity and max/min per day) and then cover the painted walls with a layer of Diamond Mylar Film 98% .
    The pots will be filled with all perlite except for the layer of hydroton on the top. I will germinate the seeds in a cup of water and then plant them in some rockwool under the same CFL next to the hempy buckets and transfer them to the hempy buckets(main pots) and keep them there until harvest.
    I will be using Bio grow, Bio bloom and Bio grow enhancer "top max" as nutrins.
    Bio grow:
    I will start on 1ml of grow from the day they pop out of the soil. Every two days after that i will give them half a ml more. I will do this until i am using 5ml for every litre of water. I stop this at week 8 to flush.
    Bio bloom
    I start on 1ml from around 2 weeks old (or as soon as i see the flowers form) I then use the same method as before by giving them half a ml more every two days until I am on the 5ml for every litre of water. Again stop this at week 8 and just use plain water.

    Bio grow enhancer "top max"
    Same as Bio bloom.
    I will use these nutrins in the water i will water with, watering every 3-4 days and filling the hempy bucket until a steady stream of water flows through the hole. The dirt should be dry if not overwatering.
    I will regulate the temperature, ph and humidity while watching out for anything unexpected. I will harvest when it looks ready estimated 62-65 days after seed planted.

    Does this sound like a plan? Is it something i should change or have forgotten and some tips i should know about? And do you think the setup will be silent and odorless enough that you can actually have guests over that wont notice it, even during full flowering time as long as you dont open the fake door while guests are there? Would love to get some feed back before i go ahead and buy it? ive found all the places i can buy the items by cash and the seeds wont be a problem.
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    I'm not sure where to start ..I think you have it mostly figured out, there's just a few things you'll need to fine tune to get the most out of this space.

    I don't know where the exhaust/intake area goes....will those holes need to be lightproofed? or will other parts of the cabinet area keep them hidden? When you make the intake area make the hole 2x the size of the exhaust hole. So if your exhaust is 10cm x 10cm, then make the intake 'hole' 10x20.

    One thing that can sometimes be tough is lightproofing the door. You can usually solve it with some weatherstripping but it can be tricky sometimes.

    Do you have it worked out where all the electrical will go?

    I haven't done hempy buckets, or used those nutes before...but your container size sounds about right. I'd use containers about 2 gallons and LST a few plants in there...keeping them short and close to the lights. Also, I wouldn't worry about putting the lights on yo-yos...I find it easier to just hardmount them to the ceiling and move the plants up and down instead, that's just my opinion though...others move the lights. :)

    Sounds like you'll have enough light in there to produce some nice buds...but cooling that much wattage might make a little noise. You'll need a pretty decent fan to cool it...which you can put on a speed controller to slow/quiet it a little or you can try to muffle the fan with the filter. You might want to consider putting something in the room that makes noise as a back maybe a deskfan or a fishtank or w/e
  3. Oh fuck me! I made two posts, first this one, but noticed mine should be in micro section and posted one there that ive been checking for answers for quite some time. Then you, bongsauce that ive read so many posts from actually took the time to help me and i never noticed it before now? :O

    Sorry, if i had known you would have answered something probably would be different.. I actually changed most of my plans recently because it seemed you mostly get help on this forum if you read around, set up what you think is best, make a grow journal and change things during the journal by input from pro's like you :O

    Ive ordered all my stuff and gotten 95% of it, will build the cab this saturday and post pictures when done. The setup is now a scrog led setup, with a bunch off mesurement. It will have a silent bathroom exchaust fant going into a sound muffler and into a coal scrubber, have light proofed the intakes, have siliconed all off the sides of the box, then painted with a double coat of latxed white paint, got some diamon 98% mylar outside that, gonna build a custom box for my DWC bubble box thats gonna have a waterpump etc. and scrog over. The fake door is a thick and preworked waterprrof wood material thingy that i got 100% air proofed and so on... really its just a super expensive, way to proffesional grow cab, with poor space and low yeild :O

    My so far budget without seeds must be around 2000$... do bare inmind that i live in a very expensive country tho. Im extreamly psyched to start the build tomorrow. The main idea about the grow cab is that it got to be possible to have it in the middle of the livingroom, with family guests there, and still be 100% safe that they wont notice it at all, even if they are searching around for something random. Also it needs to be very userfriendly, something i belive it will be.

    Hope you will check it out and watch my progress Bongsauce, as im quite seriouse about this and would love any help, especially during the grow.

    Question, is it ok if i start a new topic and let this one get burried so that i can have my growmate/roommate spell and gramatic it(His alot better then i am), with headings and titles and paragraphs and different font sizes colors and so on so that its very understandable? or would that be spamming.. allready abit stressed cus i had to double post this topic?
  4. I'd just let this one die and continue the other thread....I can't find the other thread though, will you link it?
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    I'll link to the post when i create it tomorrow after ive built for a few hours. The other topic i was talking about was just a duplicate because all the sub forums confused me. Time to hit the sack, cant wait to build! :D
    Edit: Im like 80% done with the whole cab, been working on it for 13 hours today, fucking mylar ^^ Will update a post with pictures tomorrow afternoon, im like 7 hours ahead of you so hopefully around lunch time for you.

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