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  1. What programs do you blades recommend for designing web sites? I am going to start designing my site soon so I need a coding program (like dreamweaver) and any programs you would use for creating the graphical parts of the website. Is dreamweaver/photoshop still the way to go or has something better come about?
  2. If you have the money, adobe is where its at. Piracy is dumb, so if you dont have the money, dont steal.
    If youre comfortable with the coding side of web development, notepad++ is great. It has syntax highlighting for a plethora of languages, line numbering, file tabs with split viewing and synchronized scrolling, a save all button, and lots of other cool features. I dont use wysiwig editors, so i couldnt help you find a free one.
    Gimp is free and good for graphics. Its practically identical to photoshop cs2 or 3 in features. is alright, but lacks a lot of features in gimp.
  3. I usually just use scite and gimp (although I absolutely hate anything making or editing images)

    Never been a big fan of what you see is what you get editors to be honest, but plenty of other people love them.

    I do love Dreamweaver though, if only it was open source and available on Linux. Built in FTP features, built in browser view, etc.
  4. These will be things that will have you operating on developing your web page depending on keeping things on a papers and then posting them over FTP web servers. You of course will need to examine that your company will allow you to publish your websites in this approach as well.Typically, they will have a buy this application we blink on them and create the item or assistance audio awesome. You will want to be thorough as this good evaluation might be anything but sincere.
  5. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator are still industry standard. Adobe is putting together an HTML 5 editor right now (which is where the web is heading. Less flash more HTML 5). If you want to design websites and have the cash or are a student, getting the Adobe Suite is the way to go.

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