Profiling?.. You tell me.

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  1. So, Today was my birthday. 19 years young :hello:. But anyways, Let me begin to tell you this most ridiculous tale. My friend decided he was going to take me downtown to one of the head shops to look around and let me pick something out. Bought a pack of smokes and eventually got down to the head shop. Went in, Looked around and I ended up leaving with just some cheapo incense. Now, We seen the cop, Didn't think nothing of it. He was just down the street pulling out of a parking lot. Got in the car and we left, 5 minutes later we're getting pulled over and the cop walks up the car asks for license and registration but doesn't tell us what exactly we're getting pulled over for. He then started asking us if we had.. "Cocaine, Heroine, Weed or any Fire Arms".. No, No, No and.. No. Told him we came from the head shop and just bought some incense, Showed him the bag and he said ok. The cop asked to search the car and we obliged but he didn't find anything. Now after all this is said and done he said he was just letting us off with a WARNING. Without letting us know what we got pulled over for, My buddy had to ask and the cop pointed at the back window and said we had too many stickers in the window. 5 total stickers, Not bigger than a closed fist, One of which being an AMERICAN FLAG.

    Sorry for the long post but I thought it was one of the funniest things to have happened to me and not to mention I just thought it was completely and utterly insane.

    By the way, If you're wondering, No we didn't break any moving violation to provoke the cop to pull us over.
  2. profiling for sure, makes a funny ass story though.
  3. ah, land of the free :hello:

  4. makes me sick.
  5. Definite profiling, report him asap. i'm not kidding, this guys gonna keep doing this if you don't put him in check.
  6. Location: Frederick.

    Frederick, MD?
    I grew up there. :)

  7. Entrapment is when they provoke you into doing something illegal, like an undercover Cop asking if you want weed and then arresting you when you buy it. I don't think it's illegal in all States, but it's illegal in Canadian, because had the Cop not been their you wouldn't have committed a crime.
  8. Where's the profiling? Most visitors to headshops smoke marijuana, even though you have to 'buy' [they throw it in for free] a tiny bag of tobacco in The Groove Shack in Topeka, KS.

    Of course it was profiling, but it's not too far of a stretch. I mean, the cop's suspicions were legitimate, and his detaining of you without a clear reason to do so is highly illegal. I would have just asked that motherfucker what seems to be the problem and acted like a broken record. If he says we'll get to that ask him if you're being detained, and if he says yes, tell him to state the reason, if he can't come up with anything, leave.

  9. I like this response.
  10. Yes, It is Frederick, MD where I live.

    Would have loved to do this but I always have a mind blank when I see those lights flashing in the rear view >.<
  11. That's awesome.
    I used to live close to the field where that sick fuck killed that kid and burried him underneath the bleachers, if you know which one I'm talking about. A couple blocks down from SFE, where I used to go to school.
    I think they changed it to 'Lincoln Elementary'.
  12. Wow, how someone could live with the guilt of doing that is beyond me..
  13. What's worse is the guy had had a full blown relationship with this kid and convinced him he was his friend. Bought him candy and shit, offed him, and then burried him under the bleachers in this football field near my house.

    Pretty fucked up shit.
  14. It's profiling, but cops do that. It's part of their job to profile possible narcotic users. They look for long hair and any other indicators of possible drug useage. You guys didn't do anything wrong but niether did he, really.
    I mean, bothering possible marijuana users is wrong from my perspective, but it's totally legal for him to do.
    I can't believe somone said that was entrapment. What the hell, man?
  15. Ya, I know exactly where you're talking about. They redid that entire base ball field, New bleachers and dug out and shit. I'm over in Urbana kinda if you know where abouts that is.

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