productive things to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by followurblyss, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. hey. so latley i've been getting tired of my routine which includes going to school, smoking, sleeping,watching tv, masturbating, and spending the rest of the night surfing GC. im tired of it 'cause, well.. it gets nothing done. theres nothing good that comes out of it. so im looking for some productive shit to do.. so yeah, any ideas? :D
  2. yeah im with you on this question. Id like to see some good answers. My input would be, try gettin a gym membership/ bike riding/ running/ swimming. Exercising feels amazing especially when your all finished you feel like the fuckin man. But besides that, I do the same stuff as you. :rolleyes:
  3. Take up biking
    practice rolling if you arent great
    Metal and wood working
    Growing(I did this for a few weeks until my grow was destroyed, it was somewhat time consuming and fun)
    Build something useful/weird
    Work out
    Find more forums than just GC
    Auto mechanic work
    Part Time job
    BB gun with metal BBs and a range in your room. Just put in some cans or something for targets on a table and put a heavy duty piece of plywood or something behind it.
  4. Anyone know of any forums that are as amazing and spectacular as GC?! Im being serious.
  5. Any kind of job is always good and makes money.
    Start exercising or running maybe. You'll feel and look better.
    Look into some kind of hobby. I like photography and music.
    Read some books. There are some damn good ones out there.
  6. man i was in the same situation as you and just started hitting up the gym, now all my free time is sexing the ladies:;)
  7. Not really a forum, but Yahoo Answers is kind of fun. A lot of people go on there for advice. I jump on there every now and then. Usually in the polls/surveys section.

    As for as something productive...

    Take up guitar or another musical instrument. I play the guitar, bass, violin, and learning the piano. Its slow at first, but once you get the hang of it, its actually pretty fun.

    Are you into sports? I played soccer and hockey through elementary school til high school. Pretty fun.

    Mountain biking can be fun too. Not that soccer mom, ride-the-sidewalk shit. I'm talking the downhill in thick terrain shit. Went with my buddy last weekend, now I'm highly considering buying a bike for myself.

    Just hitting the gym is fun for some people. Personally, I just hit the free weights. Can't stand treadmills or machines, not my thing. But some people enjoy it and spend hours in the gym.

    Swimming is pretty fun. I try to do that regularly.

    Long distance running. Used to do this a lot. I started at one mile, and would always run a little bit further each time, sprinting the last stretch. My muscles/lungs slowly built up and I peaked at 7 miles after only 3 months. Its accomplishing to add distance every time and you feel so great the next day.

    Part time job. I work as a gas station clerk and I love it. I did work for a high-end car wash. The pay was amazing, but you work a lot of hours.

    Reading. There are some good books out there. Or magazines/newspapers.

    Study the stock market. The richest guy in the world just plays the stock market. With etrade and online now, you can easily do it. Buy a book on it or just research a lot on the internet. My buddy just turned 18 and inherited some stocks. He sold some to buy different ones and does it all on his blackberry. Pretty cool. And profitable.

    Haha, looking back over my suggestions, I just went off stuff I've done over the years. I'm pretty happy at 18, so I guess I did something right so far?

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