probly done w/ gc..

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  1. picks up this word 'zone' on the homepage of and bans me at school so i really dont go on at home ill probly post every now and then.. hopefully thell take off the filter or something by end of year if not peace!
  2. Aw, man that sucks.

    But I'm sure there is a way to bypass the filter.
  3. yeah download mozilla on the computers, they only banned it on ie, we used to just do that at my school
  4. Use a proxy? :)
  5. edit: nevermind, isn't seeming to work anymore...sorry I couldn't help.
  6. yea try a different browser. I remember at my school, our filter was this program called "bess" and you needed a username and pw to bypass, I somehow got the pw ;) and I had teachers and students asking me to bypass it for them lol. good times!

  7. Why the word "zone"? And why hasn't it picked it up before?
  8. Wow. The word Zone has got to come up fairly often. I'm really suprised that they'd filter out a common word like that, and not, I dunno, marijuana.
  9. Thats true. What the fuck does zone have to do with anything?
  10. marijuana is a great research project for all the little boys and girls, thats why. i myself personally prefer hands on testing, but whatever floats your boat
  11. problem solved
  12. We use proxys at school all the time, when they ban the website we use we go to another....

    good times

  13. The problem may be 'solved', but the question remains unanswered... why is the word 'zone' picked up by the filters in the first place? What's the reasoning behind it being flagged?

    I know there was a big controversy over these filters a few years back when they were flagging the word "breast". This meant that females couldn't look up info on breast cancer, breast exams, etc. Can't remember the outcome of that fiasco.

    But this 'zone' thing worries me... the possibility of having part of my screen name flagged makes me uneasy...:eek: :cool:
  14. 1. i tried usin a proxy doesnt work.
    2. they have shit for anti-install (need a higher power) .. they got this shit on lockdown..
    3. this is why i think they will undo it becauze 'zone' is such a common word that it doesnt make sence
    4. they just added this word to the filter today and words like game and games is banned too (games would comeup sometimes but rarley for this site and block me for a few mins / hr max.. but zone is constnatly on first page for 'chillout zone' .. so im stuck)

    i think they are gonna stop it tho cause .. i get filterd on GOOGLE sometimes .. the fuckin google homepage..

    ...illt ry to be back :p
  15. just ping that shit up in the dos and get the number that comes out and put it into address bar (probably not the best way but it usually worked for me)
  16. Use the google language tools and click translate this page to english. I used to do that to go on this site at this "research only" computer lab. I got the idea from when I was in Germany and thought that I could prob use it to get through. I cant guarantee it will work, depends on the filter i guess.
  17. Uh boot safe mode and usually the administrator account not avalible in normal mode is avalible with no password

    hey it works at the stores!

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