Problrm with outdoor grow??

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  1. I planted a few germinated seeds in the deep woods and 3 were in pots buried in the soil and the other 1 was straight in the ground the ones in the pots that are in the ground were buried and something pulled them out and flipped them over and the died? but the one in the ground is growing but it is very small. We had some cold weather while it was growing and now just this weekend we finally broke the 80's i went back there to look and to replant some other seeds of dank i just picked up and noticed it has been a month and 2 weeks since i have planted and it only stands 4 inches tall and has only 2 sets of leaves above the initial round ones. What should i do now?? It seems very slow.

    For my next 6-7 seeds i plan on germinating them and planting them in jiffy pots starting them indoors and then planting in the gound firmly.
  2. Theres nothing you really can do. There too young to start any nutes/ferts.. Its good your starting them indoors and then transplanting outdoors. Doesnt dank mean there is no seeds?
  3. No i meant my freind ordered a shitload of really good seeds like durban poison, trainwreck, purple # 1 and gave me like an assortment of 10 so i dont know which is which.

    How large should my plant be by this time of a month and a half i think mine is too small.
  4. id have to guess that seedling is genetically fucked ..... ive currently got a BIG BUD plant doing the same thing.....
    sounds like there is a bigger problem though if "somthing"pulled them out n flipped them ......CAREFUL MAN!!!!!:eek:
  5. yea hopefully its genetics. i hope the plant get bigger now that temps are over 80 degrees. hopefully it was due to the colder weather and rainy weather.

    I have just began to germ some other seeds hopefully these do better. 3 of the seeds did not spread a taproot but i am planting them anyway. how long should it take before i get some stuff??

    As for the flipped over pots it was deer in my woods i saw one gnawing a plastic bottle and flippig it around.

    Any advise on helping my plant grow?

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