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  1. So my plant is growing in 1/2 miracle grow 1/2 coast of maine potting soils.

    I put 1/8tsp of miracle grow blooming nutrients after i noticed purple spots on the bottom of my first set of leaves (which you can see at the link just below this line).


    Now, on one of the two leaves that originally had purple problems, i'm seeing evidence of a deficiency.


    What deficiency do you think it is? It's more a yellowish tint. Sorry if my photos aren't well-colored.

    I'm growing under two 30 watt 2700k CFLs and one 45 watt 5500k CFL. The 5500k is closer to this plant.

    I'm also growing in a PC, of which the average temperature is something like 75 (near the plant, at least).

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. My bad, I meant I used 1/4-1/8 strength miracle grow bloom fertilizer.
  3. Anyone.....pwease?
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    Your pictures aren't working... Would help to diagnose if we could see the pictures

  5. First of all, Miracle Grow is crappy. You should NEVER use it for growing weed. it's made for potted plants and things that you look at - not for things you smoke.

    Okay, well, now that you've already used it, I guess you need to fix what's going on.

    Sounds to me like you have a nute burn and it could be from any number of nutes, so you need to start flushing your plants and lower your nute dosages. That will help get things back to normal.

    Use only about 25% of the nutes that you think you need once you flush things out.

    Then you need to stop using Miracle Grow and start using a good nutrient, like Advanced Nutrients. Really, you're going to have a lot better time and your plants are going to rock it.

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