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  1. These are both 18 days old in the pictures. Today they are 21 days old and the problems are worse. The first picture has yellowing on the tips and edges of leaves. The yellowing is now like the color of this smiley [​IMG]. The second picture is my other plant that just has lots of brown spots. Since the picture was taken the spots have spread to the new growth too. I am going to repot them to get rid of the MG Organic choice soil as I hope that is the problem. Should I flush the pots before transplant? I want to get rid of any nutes in that soil so that it doesnt go into my new FFOF soil. Also is a 30% perlite 70% FFOF a good mix?

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  2. It looks like a pH problem, all the brown blotching. Also that soil looks like it has a lot of wood chips in it. That will lower the pH.

    Beg, borrow or steal a pH meter and do some tests.
  3. Thanks! I will try to get a PH tester, in the mean time I think I will transplant to FFOF to see if it helps the PH issue.

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