Problems with RH???? Help needed guys n gals

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kaos6669a, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. My grow room is now a stable 83 Farenheit but my RH is only 54% any ideas how i can increase my RH (I can faintly remember someone saying between 60-65)?

    Also what would happen to my plants if they were grown at 54RH?

    While were on the subjects of problems, it might be my bad luck but i have grown now 6 plants, 1x THC Bomb, 1x Bagseed, and 4xLowryder #2's... anyway they ALL ended up being male which is odd as Lowryder#2's are surposed to be 99%female... i had issues with Temps couls the sress from heat and RH have forced my plants to be male?

    Thanks for you help in advance people, i'm at a loss. :confused:
  2. 54% is a-ok.

    Lots of folks contribute temps, Light leaks, and stress to seeds sex. I really don't have an O this. I've been cloneing from clones for many yrs. moms are a waste...imo&exp. I digress.

  3. So 54% RH is good and i presume 83/84 farenheit is ok also... hmmm Any reason why i had 6 blokes out of 6 seeds so far (Inc the surposed female lowryders :()
  4. Yeah temps fine for seeds.

    ?? males/females?? Can't have one w/o the other?

    gl alex
  5. 2x50% chance and 4x1% ; chance of bad luck?
    1 in 400.000.000.
    I'm betting you've been lied to.:mad:
  6. :smoke:All seeds are from so you reccon there not 'as stated' and i've had other seeds not what i ordered :eek: ???

    Anyone know a good site to get seeds from, i'm going 100% Feminised from now on, no point in anything else, i only want the girls after all... (LOL - Said that before a few times :D)

  7. Kaos, I'll put you a couple of clones on I-75. Then you do like me and never use a seed unless you want new strain. NO mother either.

    I've got NYCD, Bog Bubble, purp Afgani hash plant, Black domina, Lemon freeze, Mr Nice, Buddahs sister in clones and Org Blueberry and Blueberry Jack seeds(I'll start them when my tolerence builds to the others).

    It smells good here.

  8. Nice one, while were on the subject if i get a female (Which i will do eventually lol (Just ordered some cali orange seeds all feminised, can you tell me or point to a half good guide (with Pics preferable) which illustrates how to clone once i have a female plant.

    It may not be 100% correct but am i correct in saying you can alter the light to 12/12 for a few weeks to induce sexing then revert back to (What i i use) 18/6 to continue growth...

    I presume there after i take cuttings of the plant and use rooting gel before planting, then the plant grows and is female as its a clone... :confused:


    Thanks for giving me a hand and a heads up in advance.

    (p.s untill the Cali orange comes i have 2 more lowryders and 2 thc bombs growing - fingers crossed :rolleyes:)

    Peace :smoke:
  9. also sorry to be an arse, whats "I-75" (as in your last post "I'll put you a couple of clones on I-75")

    Time for a joint me thinks :D
  10. Forgive my friend, save the clones as i live in the UK :( (I-75 i presume is Interstate 75)
  11. Interstate was spot on mate.

    I know where a vid is on cloning that I like. I'll put you on buddy list and pm url.

    As for sexing? Many ways to go about it. Seriously, many ways. You might want to read up to see which works best for your grow.

    gl alex...

    p.s. I just started drinking this morn, so I'll check back l8r w/o the buzz :) I spent sunday at old folks home. I aint scared of shit, but that place gave me a bad feeling I can't shake. Old age sucks.
  12. gotta happen to everyone bud! and i know that feeling, sucks is right.

    You have a nice collection of bud going there :D, like your style will check the link out later.

    Gonna have another joint... very stressfull day :D

  13. Just had a second thought on this....they could all be female:D...

    2x50% and 4x99% on 6 females ; chance of you being unable to tell the difference between male and female plants and they are actually 6 females =
    1 in 4.16

    In such a scenario odds of you being wrong in determining the sex of 6 MJ plants instead of being 'lied to' :
    1 in 96.059.601:eek:

    Or to put it in other words : are you sure you know how to recognize a female?
  14. 100% sure, all have had the Bannana Balls sacks on them and the plants thin out and get covered in these sacks
  15. Have you considered hermies?
    Not uncommon with feminized seeds of lesser quality, especially under stressful conditions.

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