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problems with new vape

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by allmadeofstars, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i just got my new vape today, i've never had one and have never used one before.

    i can't seem to use it properly, and the instructions with it were very vague. it's one of those wooden box ones with a glass whip. i did everything that it said to do, except i could not get any vapor. the thing heated up and looked like it worked ok, but i just couldn't get any vapor when i drew in. i tried drawing in really hard too, but all i can taste is the taste of the new whip. i only put a very small amount in the bowl because i've heard that the high from a vaporizer is stronger, and i am VERY sensitive to having too much at once. i put the temp on 250, then tried 300. i have no idea how high it should be. after i gave up, i took the herb out and it was still green and pretty, but it was all crispy and dry.

    what is going wrong here??
  2. You are. ^^

    I got one of those, I'm pretty sure the 'vauge directions' were more like, 'how else would you use it' directions.

    There is technique you gotta know, you gotta pull it slowly, otherwise, how does the bud get heated? You should fill the whip at least a third full, otherwise it won't work right (I remember reading this somewhere on a direction or something)

    You gotta put the temp up to around 350-375, and even thats only a guide, you gotta watch your shit, make sure its vapor and not smoke...
  3. sounds like it wasnt hot enough to vape it... there should be something in the directions about how what temp you set it too :confused:
  4. /our key temp is 340
  5. vap does not hit like smoke at all and you cant hit it like your smoking, vapor is wayyyyy less harsh and wayy less noticable
  6. Like Diethylamide said, inhale very slowly.
    Take a deap breathe, let it all out, then go for a nice slow inhale through the whip.

    You should put more in it, as well. You don't have to smoke the whole thing, just take one hit and you'll be good if you are really sensative.
    Then take another hit an hour or two after, or whenever you feel like smoking again.

    and if the bud was crispy and crumbling after you were done, that means it WAS working, you just weren't getting the smoke from it into your lungs properly.
  7. #7 MidwestKind, Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    The lowest temp you want to have it at is 340, the highest you want to put it at is 390. Thats what I've learned over time at least with the Super Vape-Zilla.
  8. I guess cumbustion occurs at around 392 f...

    So you cant have it above that or its smoke...

    I've always heard go above 250 f and below 360 f

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