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  1. Hey guys I have a little bag seed that I germinated in soil sprouted in the window. But, I got my 150w hps light back and I threw it under the light a couple weeks after it sprouted and on the first day it was fine. The plant seemed like it was loving it but the next day the leaves were kind of drooping. It's been 4 days now and the leaves are still drooping. I misted it with a spray bottle this morning because I thought the leaves might've been drying out because of the light. The plant was receiving natural sunlight initially. Could a switch from sunlight to HPS cause any problems? The temp at plant level is around 78 degrees and I have a fan on low blowing in the direction of the plant. I'll post some pics a little later on.
  2. how close is the light?
  3. why would u use hps lights? that strictly for flowering stage? use hm

  4. hps could be used for the veg stage also.. just like MH could be used for flowering if you wanted to.. but to the OP how often do u water?? you could be over/under watering the plant
  5. is your soil too moist ? sounds like you might be over watering.:smoking:
  6. droopy = too much water
  7. droopy can also mean you have your light to close and there over heating
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    I have used this light before in a very successful hydroponic experiment that I did and I used it for both veg and flower. I considered that the plant might be getting too much water and so I let the soil dry out a little bit but still the plant drooped. I think the problem is the tap water I've been using. Denver water has a pH around 8. I used tap water before in my hydro grow but the nutrients brought the pH somewhere around 6 so there was never a problem. But, this is a soil grow so I think I need to bring the pH down a bit. The plant looks a little lime green I think the nitrogen might be getting locked out. What is the ideal pH for plants growing in soil? Sorry for no pics yet I'll post some soon. Thanks for the help!

    Edit: BTW the light is about 6 inches away from the plant.
  9. wat aload of bull shit that statment is.
  10. also may need transplanting. I've had 1.5 week old seedlings need it.
  11. hm eh?

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