Problems using pH meter? Fluctuating pH over time? Zinc? Plenty'o'pics

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  1. I have this meter:

    I'm not sure if all pH meters are like this, but it takes at least a few seconds for the reading to stabilize. I've also had issues where I measure the pH and it's 6.8, but then the next day the same container is 6.1 or 7.5. I'm battling with a zinc deficiency right now (I suspect it's either due to pH fluctuations or possibly hard water - calcium?)

    I wasn't too concerned until I noticed that my G13 feminized seedling is starting to exhibit the same yellowing symptoms.

    I use tap water. I let it sit in a 1 gallon jugs for about two days (I shake it up once a day or so) to let the chlorine evaporate. Typically, the pH is about 6.1. I generally use two drops of pH UP stirred in really well to end up with a pH of about 6.7 or 6.8. I then immediately water with it.

    Am I supposed to let the container sit for awhile after adding pH up or down?

    General opinions?

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  2. Hmm no opinions?

    I'm concerned because even my seedling which has gotten no nutes is showing a zinc deficiency.. This seems abnormal, no? Can this be caused by tapwater somehow? Or chlorine? I've read the sick plant guides, and they seem to say it's high pH, but my pH reading is ~6.8 when I water...?

    I went ahead and foliar fed with distilled water and strength big grow. (the bottle said 1/4 teaspoon, I used ~1/8)
  3. Still foliar feeding. I'm waiting for the plants to dry out before flushing them - they're overwatered, and since the zinc issue seems minor right now I don't want to risk any more overwatering. They're looking better from foliar feeding 1-2 times a day over the past two days.
  4. I really don't have an answer to your question but I am wondering why you are not using bottled water or distilled water? My best guess would be because of budgetary reasons...?

  5. Well, I read on numerous threads that bottled/distilled water doesn't contain certain essential nutrients - that it's best to use tap water that has sat out for a day or so to let the chlorine evaporate. I have city water - maybe that's the problem?
  6. Hmmm. What kind of soil are you using? Are you adding any nutes to the water?

    I was planning on using bottled water with my grow. But I'm now looking into distilled water. My soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I also will be using Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom nutes when needed.
  7. I'm using a soil from pikes (local franchise, I believe):

    I've given the larger plants a 1/2 dose of grow big, however, even my seedlings are showing a bit of the yellowing... see attached

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