Problems starting outdoor then bringing indoor???

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  1. Im really wanting to know what I should be on the lookout for. Like what problems i might run into. I am going to start my Northern Lights outside... let them veg under the sun until I get my room ready to take them. They will most likely be outside long enough for me to take my first set of clones and sex the plants (sexing will be done inside)..

    Anyone know If I might have problems taking the MuMs inside after they been growing outside for about a month? Also on the clones... Will i run into trouble taking clones from outside plants them immediately rooting the clones inside?? aka take cuttings from a plant thats been vegging outside and take clones inside...????....

    Or should I bust my azzz this weekend to try and get my cab finished????

    Appreciate all responses
    +rep also :)
  2. No you will be fine just spray for bugs.
  3. Yall think there will be like a stress period when i do bring the mums inside?? and same question for the clones...

    im just thinking the plants when they go inside will be getting less light... did not wanna add any more stress to them than I have to
  4. the stress comes from the reverse. goin inside to outside. cuz the sun is way more powerful than ur lights will ever be. since ur doing the opposite u will be just fine. watch for pests when u bring em in tho
  6. In a word.... pests. Outside plants get all kinds of visitors that lay eggs and larvae in your soil or set up shop in the canopy somewhere. You're better off taking a cutting from your outside one and let it root in a quarantine area for 2 weeks. Once you are infected (mites), it can be a multi-month ordeal to clean up.
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    Ok, Now we are getting somewhere. :)

    So... How about this... Taking the clones and then putting them somewhere sealed off and safe... and picking one of them for my mum... so that way the original plants from outside will never have to see the inside room... that make any since?? lol...


    what if I kept the original plants inside and let them veg with light through a window??? then took clones and went with my original idea... so basically the plants would never be left directly outside... Id take clones and move them directly into my grow room inside...
    (Id prefer to do it this way if possible) basically Id use the light through a window to veg the plants from seed... then id take clones and root them in my grow room...

    Ok someone shoot holes in my new :)

    Toke One for me.. im at work :(

    ***EDIT*** What about spraying for pest or something along those lines before I would bring them in???
  8. Planting seeds outside for a few weeks just to get a head start seems kinda assbackwords If your gona have a grow cab surely theres a place to start some seeds inside.You want the least amount of stress possible at the seedling stage,and mother nature is mean.but if your gona do it put out a tray of beer for slugs.

  9. Honestly I figured they would grow faster under the sun. And I am trying to get a little head start :) The process to start from seed and eventually end up with a mother plant you like can take months.. so Im trying to rush the process some.. I guess im busted on that :) Thx for the imput though :)
  10. They def grow faster under the sun if u had seedlings already and wanted to veg em outside then b lil different .But the first 3-4 weeks of plants life effect it for the life of the plant. If u can put em out in morn and bring em in at night and put under lights it prob b beneficial. My father been doin that for 40 years and it works for him.
  11. There should be no problems if the outdoor plant is in a container.
  12. BULLSHIT !!! The only difference is the container.
    Do some research man.
  13. May I suggest that u read my thread about pests
    in the Sick plants forum...Its all in there.
  14. LOL, Right on man :)

  15. Look slike i got some reading to do :) Ill get back to yall after i read it...

  16. patience a virtue.. the key is patience.. grow them suckers indoor.. the best kind of light is the sun light but i wouldn't risk a pest outbreak for just to be ahead a couple of weekss

  17. I totally agree... Although I think that is one virtue I was born

    But I do understand the hpatience issue :)

    BUT AFTER reading some of FreakBro1's Pest thread and some of the comments in this thread has me worried about my promix soil i bought and have been storing it outside. :(

    so new question is should i get new soil and store it inside????

    also any feedback on rather i cld just spray for pest before bringing them in


    Take clones from outside and immediately bring them inside and root them inside...


    Growing the Mums with light through a window???? <-- kinda liking that idea :)

    one last thing and this is new... Ima be going out of town for 10 days in about a month and week... iHow can i keep these things watered??? I got some ideas but I was wondering what others have done.. Ima probally make a new post on this topic also :)
  18. Do you own a dog? or go outside.Do you shower everytime before you go to your grow.Your grow is going to get exposed to pests and disease one way or the other.I've been growing outdoors for 15 years and never had a prob with mites or anything of the sort.On the other hand I have had em indoors and they never seen the outside world.This shit happens, I'm not sayin live like a pig but no matter how clean or careful u are its just part of the seen.And I've taken thousands of clones of outdoor plants with no problems.
  19. I completely agree with Browntown and i have grown outdoors as long as him or longer. just started indoors in the last many ripoffs

  20. U rock man :)

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