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  1. I have a 6 week old TGA's Jillybean male, showed preflowers at 4 weeks, kept has 2-4 pod clusters at each internode and will open by my estimation in the next 2-5 days...IN VEG.
    I clipped and bagged it (hard because all the internode areas are confined to the merristem due to it's immaturity) and will collect the pollen. Just trying to decied if I should use the pollen I collect?
    Deal is that it might be that one in a million 'early' male that cuts a flowering time in half on it's own offspring, like my old early pearl, or it might be a straight up ruderalis gene that I don't want. It has produced these clusters independant of photoperiod change, under a 400hps and a 400mh in veg under 18/6 light.

    Any thoughts?
  2. You know I was faced with that same decision yesterday. I had one the had all of the traits i wanted to pass down but it was the first to show. I usually would not use it but man did it have A super fat trunk and the perfect node spacing for my cola only plant.

    I would not expect for it to be the one in a million, Sub puts ALOT of time and care into breeding just that sort of undesirable trait out.

    What will it hurt? You got plenty of time, if it doesnt work out, make sure you have clones of the mom and try again but you will never know if you dont try. :confused_2:
  3. not big on early males myself ( nor late ones .. the whole 2 I have seen).. I get early flower traits from my Timewarp (which is like EP ).
  4. I like early ones that only flower in 12/12, I decieded that i HATE the ones that pop in 18/6...enough to make me paranoid... like with hermie watching.

    I reposted in Organic to get some answers on it, and everyone kind of came to my conclusion, that I should switch back to 24/0. Did get some interesting insight on TGA's genetics and there being 'worked'.

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