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  1. I've been growing this plant and it has now been in flower for 1 month tomorrow. The leaves are turning crispy and brown like nute burn.

    Info about my setup...
    250w HPS on 12/12

    growing in a cab with dimensions 29" x 19" x 48"

    Temp max is 80.1 deg with the lights on.

    Temp min is 72ish deg with the lights off.

    I am growing in a 2 gallon bubble bucket. I have two air pumps, each with their own air

    The pH of my water hovers around 5.9 - 6.2.

    There is no algae in the water whatsoever because I change the bucket every 4 days with brand new pH balenced water with generic nutes 12-4-8. (I know at this point it should be higher than 4, but I haven't had the time to go out and get new nutes.)

    Now a little about the problem...
    I saw the browning starting on the leaves, so I replaced my res with straight up water, no nutes. The browning didn't stop so I let it go for 2 days to see if it would improve, but nothing. I added a little bit of my ferts and the problem didn't accelerate, but the browning continued.

    I don't think it has to do with my nutes because I've actually lowered them since the end of veg, and the plant was looking beautiful then.

    There is some brown on my roots, which I think may be root rot. Would this cause the leaves to turn brown and crispy?

    Don't have a camera right now, but I will get pics up in about an hour or so. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. root rot kills i think thats what you got but wait till an experet gets here
  3. thanks, but not alot of info on root rot. I've searched the net and might try using hydrogen peroxide, but I just wanna make sure it is root rot and not some type of algae or whatnot on my roots. Pics to come...

    edit: AH! where'd the link go. You're making me look crazy like im talking to myself lol
  4. Pics.

    Pretty sure it is some type of root disease. I'm not sure whether it is root rot or some sort of algae, fungus, etc.

    Help me save my baby! :smoking:

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  5. bump...

    Anyone? :(
  6. bump.

    hey ganj has anything gotten better? i hope they pull through.
  7. lol was waiting on some of the pros around here to tell me if it was the root rot or algae.

    Might just end up changing my res and adding some h202.
  8. I went ahead and added my hydrogen peroxide, hopefully that will help.
  9. Mix up some H2O2 with some distilled water and flush those roots out. You may even want to rinse out those roots (gently with a little trickle of water. Don't be too aggressive). Check your air stones and make sure they are putting out a good amount of small bubbles. Sometimes the air stones get clogged and screw you.

    Good luck, it'd be a shame to loose all that hard work.
  10. That's the exact site i used to add the h202 before you posted. crazy.

    I've checked the airstones, and gave the roots a rub down. I haven't seen any improvement yet, so I added a little more h202 and a small dosage of nutes. Although I did see some nasty looking roots floating around in the tub.
  11. HIGH All, shit sorry gg for missing this....the peroxide or SM90 I would have said to use...but I would have just used the peroxide without the nutes..from what I see your Babies are Burning up.
  12. Like I said up there, I'm 99% sure they're not nute burnt. I left for a week, and had someone take care of my plant. They added plant water w/o nutes. When I came back, they looked like that. Unless high nitrogen in flower can cause burning...?

    I'm thinking it has to be some type of root disease cause the roots aren't looking to good as you can tell from the pics.

    We'll see what the h202 does for them. Hope they bounce back. :rolleyes:
  13. HIGH All, well those roots look real bad...and don't know if it'll come back Bro...I do have my Fingers and the such crossed for you.
  14. I'm starting to see some new white roots growing out of my little brown bundle. :hello:

    Bud growth has started back up again, so I think the h202 is doing its thing. The res is almost out of water already, so I'll end up changing that tonight. I still plan on adding the same amount of h202, but it looks like she's bouncing back.

    Keep ya updated.
  15. right on! glad the suggestion worked. :) Keep adding it to the next two waterings but step back the concentraton with each one. If it starts to get bad again, add a little extra and that's the level to maintain. Good luck and I hope it didn't screw up the bud too much.
  16. The root problem is pretty much gone, although I'm still adding h202 for anyone still interested. Getting some nice bud fattening going on.

    Another problem has presented itself though. My plant has gotten too big and one cola got burnt. I'm in the process of tying it down. One problem after the other. Although the leaves seem a little burnt, the buds are fattening up nicely. I'll try to get some pics up later in honor of 420.

    Keep on growing,
    Senior Ganj
  17. So the hydrogen peroxide worked then? That is awesome. When are your girls going to be ripe? Would you believe that I am not stoned here on 420? Yeah, I am out of town at my sisters house. She just had a baby and I am an uncle for the first time so its all good.
  18. H202 worked alright. As above, the leaves are still yellowing a little but, bud growth increased after treatments. So, it's doing its job in my book.

    It'll be 2 months in flower on May 5, but it'll probably go longer just because of this little setback. I'm hoping to harvest around may 19th.

    Congrats on being an uncle though. Hope your little nephew/neice is doing good.

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