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  1. Ok so its my first grow. I've got 6 jillybean by TGA subcool seeds germing right now. So my question is should i start them inside then transplant to outside or should i plant directly outside? If i where to go inside this is my set up: Cardboard Xerox Box lined with aluminum foil with a regular Cfl light (the ones you probably have inside the house. For pots i have 4 medium Tim Hortons cups. If you see any problems or tweaks i can make let me know but the main thing is INSIDE OR OUTSIDE START.
  2. Start them inside with a cfl, then once they have a few leaf sets throw them outside.

    An issue with starting seeds outside is bugs and animals will kill the seedling.

    Get bigger pots.

  3. How big should the pots be? cuz i have 6 seeds and the box isn't to big :confused:
  4. Forget the foil its a poor reflector. Paint it flat white. If you dont even do that your only losing about 10% of the light that is emitted...wont kill the overall grow.

    If the box is to small then plant less plants. You dont have to plant all 6. Get some one to 2 gallon pots.
  5. The thing is tho i already started germing the seeds and idk if i should use 2 gall pots cuz im moving them outside ASAP.

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