Problem with smoking weed

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    My doctor said, " Your dad says you have a problem with smoking pot, is this true?"

    Me: No I dont have a problem with smoking weed

    Doctor: Mind if I Drug test you?

    Me: no not at all

    4 days later

    Doctor: I thought you said you didnt have a problem with smoking weed?

    Me: I dont, I buy it, pack it, light it, and inhale it, No problem :bongin:

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    Stay High
  2. You fooled me there man.... I though this was another one of those really out of place threads that has been posted in the wrong section, untill i read the ending. That made me laugh man thanks.
  3. Lol, reminds me of when I was getting my hand stitched up... One look at my tattoo and the doctor asked me how much dope I smoked :p
  4. Man, thats awesome. and funny too!
  5. Ya and its original. Its also way funnier when your blazed
  6. Thats pretty funny i loled

  7. pshh that made you roflcopter
  8. its not a problem. .... i saw that comming before i started reading...:hide:
  9. Ha lol here too! :bolt:

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